Letter to editor

’Zainab is a Woman of Substance’-Rev. Simbo

21 September 2005 at 06:32 | 399 views

The interview with Zainab Bangura has been assiduosly read by our numerous readers with comments coming from all over the world, all of them positive. Here is one of them from the United States.

Mrs. Zainab Bangura as always, is a woman of substance, stamina and
principle. Her point about Sierra Leoneans always complaining about any
government we put in poewer is well put. Most voters in Sierra Leone do
not really care about the integrity, ideology and the past of the
man/woman who comes campaigning for their votes. What matters most to
many voters is what they can get from the campaigner momentarily (cash,
nice political jargons, slanderous words about their opponent and empty
promises etc). The concerns and votes for most voters are simply
personal/selfish not national. Hence once the campaigners have settled
these personal/selfish demands and the votes received, they too enter the
corridors of power with the sole aim of lining their pockets and not
developing the nation.
As we approach 2007, this cycle is sure to be repeated in the politics of
Sierra Leone. Unless there are more voters who will critically analyze
the candidate’s life, performance and principles. In that vein, Sierra
Leonean voters have a long way to go. Much E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N is needed.

Thanks Zainab for all your sacrificial contribution to advancement of
Sierra Leone.
May the Good Lord keep you healthy and long to enjoy your family at this
time of your life.

Rev. Tom Simbo-Colorado USA