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Zainab Bangura debunks political rumour

By  | 3 June 2010 at 02:50 | 391 views

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Zainab Hawa Bangura has rubbished rumours propagated by her detractors indicating that she is bracing herself up for a political showdown against incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma come 2012.

She described the rumour mongers as political detractors and the rumours a figment of their imagination.”I had long made up my mind to do everything in support of President Koroma until the end of his two presidential terms. At the end of my President’s term of office, I’m also going to hang up my boots and retire from the political field to my home town of Yonibana and continue to work on my farm”, she indicated.

Mrs Bangura (pictured) said she had wished her detractors had the opportunity to visit her residence and avail themselves of the opportunity to take a look at her two big suitcases full of her red costumes in preparation for the 2012 campaign. “I have plenty of red shoes, sneakers, trousers, blouses, lappas, veils etc, all in readiness for 2012”, she reiterated, whilst pointing to the big red Samsonite suitcase she was travelling with.

Commenting on the outcome of the two-day Franco-Africa summit in which she adequately represented the President in an exemplary manner, Mrs Bangura expressed delight on the enthusiasm demonstrated by President Nicolas Sarkozy to ensure that Africa occupies its rightful place in world decision making bodies.

Throughout the two-day summit, Mrs Bangura did not only attend all the sessions but vigorously contributed to all issues raised to the admiration of Heads of State and governments present at the summit.

“No wonder President Koroma has so much confidence in this woman. She is a man in disguise. She can bulldoze her way and achieve results. She is so bold and full of self-confidence. In Ghana we can easily call her, “Mrs Energy”, remarked a Ghanaian journalist at the summit’s Media Centre in Nice, France.