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Writing opportunity for Sierra Leonean writers

23 July 2019 at 19:31 | 2313 views

Poda- Poda Stories is a digital curation of Sierra Leonean literature in the form of short stories, poems, essays & critical thought pieces, short films and featured photography. The goal of Poda-Poda Stories is to make sure that Sierra Leonean writers , creatives , and artists at home and in the diaspora, have a central digital space carved out exclusively for them.

Poda-Poda Stories is now open for submissions and writers should send their pieces to:

Submission guidelines

- We accept short fiction, short non-fiction, photo-essays, poetry and book reviews. Fiction (1000 words maximum, non-fiction (800 words maximum) and book reviews (600 words maximum).

- Ensure that your piece is precise and well-written. Things to look out for: grammar, punctuation and correct use of tenses.

- Please do not plagiarize. We will not accept plagiarized work.

- Do not submit work that contains elements of harmful stereotypes.

Editor’s Note: The publisher of Poda Poda Stories is Ngozi Cole, based in Freetown. All enquiries should be addressed to: