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Returning to the home that is no more there

Culled from Pambazuka News An interview with Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o By Mahdi Ganjavi, Toronto, Canada.* For Ngũgĩ, in the struggle against capitalist (...)

| April 2017 | 1850 views

Dark Triad characteristics in human beings

Credit: The term Dark Triad may seem like words out of a crime novel. However, they refer to personality traits that make (...)

| April 2017 | 3687 views

Birthday message to comrade Ibrahim Kamara

Today ( 5/4/ 2017) marks another year of blessings in your life. Indeed, a moment of reflection, evaluation and gratitude to God/Allah for all that he has (...)

| April 2017 | 4999 views

Obituary: Dr. Chernor Marju Jalloh

By Dr. Alusine Jalloh, Texas, USA. It’s with great sadness that I inform you of the death of my oldest brother, Dr. Chernor Marju Jalloh, Esq., age 62, (...)

| April 2017 | 1665 views

Artist of the Week: Zab Maboungu

By PV Staff French-Congolese dance icon Zab Maboungu and her dance company, Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, are coming to Vancouver, British Columbia, this (...)

| April 2017 | 1139 views

APC-WMC membership drive

APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter Women and Youths Membership Drive (...)

| March 2017 | 988 views

Iron Lady in Atlanta for APC-USA inuaguration

PV Staff Sierra Leone’s Political and Public Affairs Minister Nanette Thomas has arrived in Atlanta, USA, to grace the APC-USA inauguration as one of the (...)

| March 2017 | 1346 views