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What happened at APC-UK convention

By PV Staff. Today we bring you a video clip on most of the highlights of the recently held APC convention in London, UK. This video is brought to (...)

| July 2016 | 1238 views

APC-USA Convention 2016

APC-USA Convention 2016 August 12-13, 2016 In the Garden State of (...)

| July 2016 | 1002 views

Musician of the Week column is back

By Gibril Koroma In 2014 we had to suspend our popular Musician of the Week column due to the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. The whole country was (...)

| July 2016 | 1599 views

APC Diaspora Tour delegation in Germany

By Mohamed 91 Sesay, APC-UK PR team. After a very successful convention in London on 17th July, 2016, the APC Diaspora Biennial Tour kicks off in (...)

| July 2016 | 1055 views

In Memoriam: Haja Fatu Janneh Kamara

I have to be up very late today in commemoration of the 11 years of passing away of my dear mother (Haja Fatu Janneh Kamara). Mother, the saying that (...)

| July 2016 | 970 views

Mark Zuckerberg’s running challenge

By Mark Zuckerberg, USA. I just ran my 365th mile in my A Year of Running challenge. This has been more fun than I expected — mostly because a few (...)

| July 2016 | 807 views

Commendation for PV publisher Gibril Koroma

Editor’s Note: Yet another bit of fan mail for PV publisher Gibril Gbanabome Koroma (photo). This one is from Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura of American University (...)

| July 2016 | 835 views