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Musician of the Week: Tekno Miles

Augustine Miles Kelechi (born December 17, 1992) popularly known by his stage name Tekno Miles or Tekno, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, producer, (...)

| January 2017 | 3074 views

SFU names new Dean of Applied Sciences

Credit: SFU News By Marianne Meadahl Eugene Fiume, an internationally recognized leader in visual modelling and computer graphics, is Simon Fraser (...)

| January 2017 | 1521 views

Musician of the Week: Joseph Hill

Credit: Wikipedia. Photo Credit: Jamaica Gleaner. Joseph Hill (22 January 1949 – 19 August 2006) was the lead singer and songwriter for the roots (...)

| January 2017 | 2787 views

Texas: MBHS alumni association chapter launched

Contributed to the Patriotic Vanguard An alumni chapter of the Methodist Boys High School, one of Sierra Leone’s prominent schools was recently launched (...)

| December 2016 | 2061 views

Buddhist chanting for peace in Sierra Leone

By Gbaksondo Kloiloi, USA. A Buddhist friend of mine recently introduced me to one of their chants or chanting pieces that reminded me of rural (...)

| December 2016 | 1633 views

APC-Canada, APC-USA joint pact

Comrades of the All Peoples Congress in Canada and the United States of America (USA), supporters, friends and well-wishers of our party, I wish to (...)

| December 2016 | 1446 views

2016 APC-USA Dallas chapter awards

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas, USA. In recognition and appreciation for their dedication, diligence, and selfless contributions to the APC-USA Dallas chapter, (...)

| December 2016 | 1355 views