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Welcome luncheon for Sierra Leone Ambassador in Zurich

29 November 2018 at 19:50 | 2865 views

"We are here to serve you as Sierra Leoneans."

This was the message echoed by both the incoming Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva and Switzerland Dr. Lansana Gberie (with blue sweater in photo) and his Deputy Samuel U.B Saffa Esq during a welcome luncheon organized on their behalf by the Sierra Leonean community living in Zurich, Bern and St. Gallan.

“We are new appointees and we are very happy and willing to reach out to all Sierra Leoneans living in Switzerland. We are here representing His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, the Government and people of Sierra Leone irrespective of political party affiliation”, Ambassador Gberie assured the Sierra Leoneans living in Switzerland.

“The government’s agenda is premised on a ‘new direction’, and the overarching aim is improve standard of living of every Sierra Leonean. Our immediate emphasis is free quality education for every one. Our commitment to public health is another. In fact, we see a link between the two. An educated populace is invariably a healthier one”, he added.

Addressing the same meeting, the Deputy Ambassador Samuel Saffa Esq. outlined the Mission’s priority areas, which he pointed out as that of building and strengthening ties between Sierra Leone and Switzerland as well as to ease visa challenges faced by Sierra Leoneans visiting Switzerland for meetings and conferences.

Mr. Hamid Mansaray, a longtime resident who has built a school in his native Yamandu in Bo District and a mosque in Kamabia District, where his father hailed, was the chief facilitator of the Zurich meeting. Dr. Charles Senessie one of the organizers of the event expressed his gratitude and said it was the first time the Sierra Leone community in Switzerland had an opportunity to meet and interact with their representative to UN in Geneva. Dr. Senesie recently took a team of medical doctors to perform surgery and other health services in several parts of Sierra Leone.

In attendance was constituency 003 Kailahun District MP, Honorable Hindolo M. Gevao and Honourable George Edward MP for constituency 097 Moyamba District. The two were in Switzerland to attend a Human Rights Committee meeting in Geneva, and offered to travel with the Ambassador to Zurich to brief Sierra Leoneans on the work of Parliament.

In his address, Hon. George Edward who is also one of the youngest member of parliament in Sierra Leone; briefed the Switzerland community on the progress made at home on development. He cited among other things, the free quality education, the availability of regular electricity supply, the construction of roads and bridges to name but a few.

“Despite problems, let us work together, the effort we are making to provide free quality education is for the benefit of all”, noted constituency 097 MP. On his part, Hon. Gavao outlined the progress made by the government of President Julius Maada Bio in several sectors of Agriculture, economy and the sustainability of electricity supply. He declared that “Government is able to pay salaries on time. Revenue collection is being put into proper use to run the government and corruption is minimal thanks to anti-corruption commission”, reported Honourable Gevao.

Ambassador Lansana Gberie (first from left)

Ambassador Dr. Gberie urged the Sierra Leone community living in Switzerland to make use of the embassy and promised to continue with more outreach and events to serve the Sierra Leoneans populace in the country.