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War Crimes Convictions in CDF Accused Trial

2 August 2007 at 18:42 | 483 views

Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2 August 2007

Two former leaders of Sierra Leone’s Civil Defence Forces militia were convicted today of war crimes committed during Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war.

The Trial Chamber convicted Moinina Fofana and Allieu Kondewa on four counts for murder, cruel treatment, pillage and collective punishments. Kondewa was convicted on an additional count for the recruitment of child combatants under the age of 15.

Justice Bankole Thompson, in a separate and partially dissenting opinion, found both accused not guilty and acquitted them on all eight counts.

This is the first judgment handed down by Trial Chamber I, which is also hearing evidence in the trial of three former members of the Revolutionary United Front.

The case against a third accused, Sam Hinga Norman, was halted after his death in February.

The three-judge panel, consisting of Justice Benjamin Mutanga Itoe (presiding), Justice Bankole Thompson and Justice Pierre Boutet, found the two not guilty on two counts of crimes against humanity and one count of war crimes. In addition, Fofana was found not guilty on the charge of recruitment of child combatants.

Source: Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Photos: Alieu Kondewa, centre, and Moinina Fofanah, top.