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Views from the diaspora on Sierra Leone and it’s election

7 August 2007 at 08:13 | 302 views

By Elson Hedd.

Sierra Leoneans again showed their true patriotism during Sunday’s live phone in session on Callers from as far as China, U.K., Philippines, Alaska, Sierra Leone and the USA demonstrated once again, that all they want is the best for our beloved country. Irrespective of tribe, party affiliation, family relations, constituents etc., one thing was clear: callers wanted political aspirants to put the welfare of the country at the forefront.

The live phone in session lasted two hours with 79 calls placed in total and 17 emails received. This shows that Sierra Leoneans are now getting involved in anything that would bring development to the nation.

Unfortunately, only 24 live calls were taken. This was due to some technical issues of jammed telephone lines. These issues have now been resolved. Modalities are presently being worked out with the management of Sierra Leone Radio to increase the time slot from 2hrs to 3hrs which will enable more contribution from callers. The next phone in session is scheduled for 12th August 2007 and will focus on "what next after the election".

Below are some of the views, comments and concerns expressed:

1. Vote wisely irrespective of tribal differences, party affiliation and family ties.

2. Prayer and direction.

3. Privatize the customs and excise department.

4. Land tenure system should be fair and non-discriminatory.

5. Free medical and education services for the poor.

6. Finish the Bumbuna Hydro Dam project ASAP.

7. Get rid of the old corrupt politicians now vying for the Presidency.

8. Tackle bribery, corruption and tribalism in the various government departments.

9. Tax break for Sierra Leonean owned businesses.

10. Economic development.

11. Creation of employment.

12. Border patrol to tackle the illicit diamond smuggling.

13. Filth and dirt all over the city.

Based on this phone in session, one will conclude, that S/Leoneans have risen up and now seeking a positive change. A change that will bring the much needed results they have been craving for so long.

Let pray and hope for the better.

Thanks and appreciation to all those who took the time to call in and contribute towards the Sierra Leone election
phone in session. This is the first live session in a series of discussions focusing on the development of our country.

For those who did not get through to air their views we will be back on the air a day after the election to have
another discussion on what next after the election.

The telephone no. to the studio is 704-257-4259, or you can send emails to

Once again thank you so much.