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UNPP Bounces Back

By  | 20 June 2006 at 03:22 | 536 views

Sierra Leone’s political atmosphere is heating up as the 2007 elections keep attracting the attention of politicians, the media and even the country’s major donors. One of the country’s influential parties has bowed to this interest by reconstituting its leadership:

Since its extremely poor showing in the 2002 elections and the unofficial retirement from politics of its octogenerian founder, many people had the feeling that the United National Peopl’e Party (UNPP) is in its twilight days.

But that feeling may have evaporated last Saturday when the party elected a new leader in the person of Mr. Abdul Kady Karim(photo),a relatively new personality in Sierra Leone politics.

The new leader, young and apparently dynamic,defeated the man who had been speaking on behalf of the party in the last couple of weeks, Mohamed Ben Kamara, by 405 votes to 10. He was optimistic of a UNPP victory in 2007 and made the usual promises of the party charting a new course radically different from the paths chosen by the SLPP and the APC.

The UNPP,founded by Dr. John Karefa-Smart just before the 1996 elections, nearly won those elections and western diplomats had to plead with Karefa-Smart to accept the results when the latter threatened legal action because of what he considered irregularities and cheating.