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UNIOSlL’s mandate extended

23 December 2006 at 19:08 | 391 views

By Sahr Musa Yamba, Winnipeg, Canada.

The UN Security Council Friday 22nd July unanimously
resolved to extend the mandate of the United Nations
Mission in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL), a statement from
the UN states.

The extension was for another year with a temporary
agreement to increase the number of staff members.
The extension of UNIOSIL’s mandate follows the UN
Secretary General’s recent recommendation to the
Security Council.

"Elections and the wide acceptance of their outcome
will be a major milestone indicating the
sustainability of peace and security in Sierra Leone,"
UN officials resolved.

UNIOSIL’s mandate now extends until 31st December,
2007 with a staff increase from 1 January to 31
October next year to help with the organization of the

However, despite the support to the country, Council
members urged Sierra Leone’s political parties to
ensure the upcoming elections are peaceful, free and

Secretary General Kofi Annan was tasked to conduct an
assessment of the role of UNIOSIL closer to the
election date to help decide when to withdraw the

UNIOSIL was established on 1 January this year,
succeeding a UN peacekeeping force, UNAMSIL.
The latter helped stabilize the country from 1999 to
2005, which had suffered from years of brutal civil

Mr. Annan(photo), who finishes his term at the end of this
month, in his farewell address described Sierra Leone
as one of the UN’s “success stories” and an example of
what can be achieved when the UN and Member States
work together.

Editor’s note: The writer of this story, Sahr Musa Yamba is until recently the feisty and fearless editor of Freetown’s Concord Times newspaper.He has re-located to Canada and is now part of the Patriotic Vanguard team. On behalf of the Vanguard collective and our numerous readers, I would like to publicly welcome you, Sahr, to one of Sierra Leone’s leading newspapers. Leh di case wam.