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UNCDF Executive Secretary to Visit Sierra Leone

13 January 2007 at 21:42 | 357 views

The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Capital
Development Fund (UNCDF), Richard Weingarten(photo), will
visit Sierra Leone from 15th to 17th January 2007, a
statement from UNDP states.

During his stay, Mr. Weingarten and his team are
expected to meet with members of the Government, the
UN Executive Representative of the Secretary General,
Victor Angelo, the Microfinance Investment and
Technical Assistance Facility (MITAF), Microfinance
Institutions and the Bank of Sierra Leone.

The purpose of this visit is to review the
implementation and effectiveness of the Microfinance
National Programme in developing a sustainable
pro-poor financial sector in Sierra Leone, and discuss
the upcoming National Microfinance Forum. The mission
also aims to explore the possible interface between
inclusive finance and local development initiatives
with the Local Councils to enhance district economic
recovery programmes.

The UNCDF makes investments in the world’s Least
Developed Countries (LDCs). These investments are
designed to help the LDCs reduce poverty and achieve
the Millennium Development Goals. UNCDF currently
invests in 28 of the 50 LDCs, and plans to expand its
investments to 45 LDCs by the end of 2007. The UNCDF
works in Sierra Leone to develop a competitive and
inclusive financial sector, while at the same time
creating an enabling environment to sustain it.