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To the Bailor Family & all Old Academicians

1 December 2006 at 18:31 | 1391 views

By former ambassador John Leigh.

I am traveling deep inside Nigeria when I received the
sad news about the passing on of Mr. Max Bailor,
former AA Principal and before that, our Senior
Science Master.

As we read the tributes from his many former pupils,
it has been deep sorrow ever since for me as well as
for my younger brother and fellow academician, Dr.
Evelyn Leigh, but we are comforted by personal
knowledge of Mr. Bailor’s positive contributions to
our individual development as well as his most
productive record of service to our alma mater, the
UMC Mission as well as his public services to our

I last saw Mr. Bailor during the summer of 2004 when
he and Dr. Robert Farmer honored an invitation to join
my wife and I for a Saturday afternoon lunch at our
home in Massachusetts. It was a fun occasion that
began with a briefing on the continued cooperation
between the UMC Mission in Sierra Leone and the UMC
Organization in Connecticut and continued on into
reminisces of school days, me as pupil, him as Science

Before he was elevated to Principal, Mr. Bailor taught
me Biology beginning in form three on to form five
shortly upon his return home from New York where he
had studied and graduated from Columbia University’s
Teachers College. His further services to the UMC
Mission and to our country benefited our people and
country immensely.

I intend to travel to Freetown by mid next week to
attend one or more of the funeral arrangements. I
will also endeavor to let his surviving family members
I am privileged of meeting know how much we AAA in
America feel their pain and sorrow as well as how much
appreciative we are for his having educated and
mentored us as well as for the fine life he lived.

May his soul rest in peace.

John Leigh

Photo: Dr. John Leigh,former ambassador of Sierra Leone to the United States.