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Tigo Breaks New Ground With Internet Services

8 July 2007 at 00:52 | 233 views

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.

With the competition getting stronger in the
communication world, one of Sierra Leone leading
mobile networks, TIGO, is breaking new grounds with the
availability of Internet services for its customers.

TIGO is the first mobile company in Sierra Leone to
introduce such facilities to its customers and this no
doubt, is increasing the company’’ number of
subscribers by the hour.

In a country like Sierra Leone where Internet services
can only be accessible in commercial cafe centres, the
introduction of the Internet services is gradually
forcing other network subscribers from other mobile
companies to switch over.

Over the weekend, the Marketing Manager of the
Company, Choe Miller disclosed that the company has
now made it possible for their subscribers to access
the internet all over the country where TIGO has

The cost of browsing through a mobile phone is very
minimal at only Le 3 per kilobyte and Le 3,000 per
megabyte respectively. TIGO is also offering bonus
credits with downloading facility every weekend to the
first 150 customers who log on to TIGO’s Internet
server, according to Miller.

Other facilities, he said are: ringing-back tone, for
which interested customers are requested to register
for a fee of Le 6,000 to down-load a song of choice
for use as a ringing tone.

Miller also said that the company has introduced the
‘Trivial Promotion’ which requires TIGO customers to
answer short simple questions through text message to
win free credit.