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I support JFK for APC presidential aspirant

11 August 2017 at 07:07 | 1378 views

By Maggie, Deputy Organizing Secretary, JFK-UK.

The above poster of my beloved Presidential aspirant Chief Hon Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) has brought me to a fierce focus on what the media has been publishing lately about other APC supposed flag bearers.

I have been patiently reading most articles and reports on each of their backgrounds and the qualities they posses that made think they are fit for flag bearer. I was very relaxed as I eagerly paid attention to any quality they think they possess over our able JFK but to my surprise about five of those I read all stressed on charisma, integrity, the people’s man, working for the community, very administrative, innovative, humble and professional background. I was reading further to see highlights of how these qualities have been utilised so far in both the APC and Sierra Leone and her environs but it was all just "labo labo" joined sentences upon sentences which sounded like a.circus to me.

I went back to some of the write ups recently done by Naomi Tom Tee and Ranger, etc plus newspaper captions. I was amazed that JFK had more practical qualities that are physically seen by our eyes and that of other citizens of Sierra Leone. Now, let me share what I see in my candidate JFK that makes him outstanding and should be the flag bearer over others:

- JFK has all the above; in addition, he is open to accountability which he initiated when he worked at the Anti-Corruption Commission and that granted him promotion from His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma.

- Secondly, JFK is organised and known for his dedication and commitment to work ethics. He has indicated this in a monumental performance since his unique new role was established. Those of you who may have visited his office and other big organisations in Sierra Leone precisely will see the display of his certificates, trophies, awards, emblems etc to represent good job outcomes, rewards and good feedback.

- Thirdly, JFK is the only aspirant still in office juggling his main job and political assignment simultaneously, yet produces contemporaneous results that upset some but represent justice for others and he remains calm, cool and calculated with focused aims and objectives around the campaign spectrum.

- He still attends functions at mosques, churches, entertainment events, games and sports and shows up at work the next day same time as early as 6:30am when most other opponents may still be taking their final stretches in bed or elsewhere.

- Moreover, JFK is the only aspirant whose opponents think he is disqualified from the race because he still runs a public office. As a man with integrity, maturity and respect who does not compromise his principles in the name of fame but turns it around to a joke and laughs it off but concentrates on his defence and justice ambition which he can defend even in his sleep, that’s how knowledgeable and understanding his role can get.

- How many of his opponents can can sleep and work effectively? Behind every man there is a successful, hard working wife. JFK loves his wife dearly as they both have made it together all the way. There has been nothing ambiguous about their love story as read in articles etc. He chooses his wife as his immediate mentor and so does she. They are each other’s confidant, their marriage is the backbone behind his political career. Mrs Lynette Kamara guides JFK away from any missile that might explode on purpose or accidentally as she mops everything up that could bring the image of JFK down. That’s a phenomenal quality some opponents don’t posses.

- JFK’s ideology speaks of academic work, supports education, employment, promotes health and sanitation, makes the young lead where they deem fit and work productivity is generated. Even though most radio stations and social media try to propagate his good name, others are criticising but he shrugs it off and keep his image and standards higher; nothing underpinning his political aspiration shall go unresolved.

- Finally, JFK is a ponderous leader who works with zeal. He is the ladies ,women, youths, students, farmers, traders, everyone’s candidate who has great popularity in all of Sierra Leone and her neighbouring countries as he continues to fulfill his delegated assignment both internally and externally and internationally and returns with exceptional outcomes which are always published.

- JFK is a brother’s keeper and transparent in all his works; he is practical and physically seen. JFK continues to excel as he develops himself through effective public speaking and writing portrayed in his role as Attorney General and Minister of Justice.. Let’s keep campaigning radically for this good man to win this election. I love my APC but most of all I will vote and campaign for my trusted JFK. Vote, vote, vote JFK.