The Triumph of Personal Interest Over SL’s National Interest

13 August 2006 at 21:15 | 833 views

"Indeed, Alhaji Fofana unwittingly provides us with proof of his unpatriotic intentions in his own voluntarily written words in his unacknowledged advertisement for the continued impoverishment of millions of S/Leoneans under the SLPP."

By Mohamed A. Jalloh (USA)

In every country in the world, the most reliable test of patriotism is whether each and every citizen are willing to put their country’s interest above their own selfish interest. Sadly, it is a test that one Alhaji Morikeh Fofana of Sierra Leone has woefully failed to pass — not just once, but on two consecutive occasions in as many weeks.

In putting his purely selfish personal interest above the interest of the long suffering people of SL, the consecutively clueless Alhaji Fofana conclusively confirmed his shameful membership in a notorious cabal of S/Leoneans. It is those unpatriotic S/Leoneans, in unwitting alliance with like-minded foreigners, who have betrayed millions of their fellow S/Leoneans by selling them into a life of unnecessary and searing poverty.

Unlike Alhaji Fofana, who has shown that he feels no need to provide evidence to support his consequently baseless opinions, I will now proceed to demonstrate his unconscionable lack of patriotism by using the very best evidence — his own voluntarily written words.

In his opinion piece on July 31, 2006 in Awareness Times entitled "Clap for us, Wolfowitz has spoken," Alhaji Fofana made a surprising announcement to S/Leoneans. He suggested that their continuing ten-year long suffering under the SLPP government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and Vice-President Solomon Berewa was not a reality at all for millions of S/Leoneans who daily have to put up with no reliable potable water, no reliable electricity, no access to affordable medical care, no jobs for hundreds of thousands of youths, no regular salaries for teachers for months on end, and much worse!

And why, one might ask, did Alhaji Fofana see "the performance of an achieving government," where the vast majority of S/Leoneans daily see only their pain and suffering under the harmful yoke of the ten-year old SLPP government of President Kabbah and Vice-President Berewa? Because, Alhaji Fofana proudly declared with the false confidence that comes naturally to a practiced con man — "the great Wolfowitz" told him so! (He was referring to World Bank President, Paul Wolfowitz).

Which begged the question that any patriotic S/Leonean would have duly asked before swallowing Wolfowitz’s incredible statement, hook, line and sinker, namely: Does Wolfowitz have any credibility? Tellingly, our self-styled patriot, Alhaji Fofana refused and failed to ask that eminently patriotic question which would help S/Leoneans judge for themselves whether Wolfowitz’s declaration that their ten-year long daily suffering — in homes without electricity or water, food prices and basic medical care beyond their government income, and with resulting national hopelessness under the SLPP government — has suddenly been magically transformed into a nirvana of "peace and tranquility on the streets." Worse still, Alhaji Fofana failed to do so for a purely selfish reason that would soon become clear.

Accordingly, I was obliged to ask — and answer — that patriotic question. I did so in my article entitled, "Why S/Leoneans Should Weep when Wolfowitz Claps," published in Awareness Times on August 4, 2006. In the article, I helpfully showed Alhaji Fofana the proper way to write a credible article — by presenting independently verifiable evidence from the two leading newspapers in the USA, The Washington Post and The New York Times, showing that Wolfowitz has a well-documented history of making false statements to the public.

Sadly, it is a lesson in intellectual honesty that the demonstrably clueless Alhaji Fofana has yet to learn. He conclusively demonstrated this in his ad hominem attack on me on August 11, 2006, in Awareness Times ("When Critics of [sic] government of Sierra Leone write from afar"), which copiously displayed Fofana’s affinity for self-contradiction, among his myriad intellectual debilities.

Specifically, in his article, Alhaji Fofana readily admitted that he does not know me — and then proceeded to needlessly prove it by making laughable statements about my personal and professional background that would be amusing in their transparent falsity to anyone who actually knows my background. Indeed, it is cumulative proof of Alhaji Fofana’s surprising lack of diligence that he still failed to obtain the readily available facts about my pioneering and exemplary personal and professional background, even though a summary of it remains right in front of his eyes on the Profile section of Awareness Times.

Which raises a dispositive question that provides a clue to the answer to a key question about Alhaji Fofana’s motivation, namely: Why would a S/Leonean such as Alhaji Fofana who daily sees the suffering of millions of his fellow S/Leoneans under the SLPP government of President Kabbah and Vice-President Kabbah, brazenly refer to the clueless duo’s sorry record of incompetence and corruption as one of "a performing government?"

The two-fold answer to that question fully explains Alhaji Fofana’s two-handed embrace of the demonstrably mendacious and unpatriotic Wolfowitz, namely:

First, as Wolfowitz was shown to be in my meticulously documented article rebutting Alhaji Fofana’s self-serving wishful thinking on behalf of the similarly inclined clueless SLPP government, Alhaji Fofana is chronically addicted to making false statements to the citizens of his own country. Second, as his role model, Wolfowitz, was also shown to be in my well documented article, Alhaji Fofana is also wiling to make brazen false statements to the citizens of his own country for a purely selfish and unpatriotic purpose, namely, to advance his own personal standing with a government that has long betrayed the trust of the very people whose interest it is sworn to protect and serve.

Indeed, Alhaji Fofana’s hero, Wolfowitz — who has since been promoted President of the World Bank — has already reaped the sullied reward of his betrayal of the American people. That betrayal consists of Wolfowitz’s notoriously false statements about Iraq to the people of America which, so far, have led to the death of more than 2,500 Americans and the unconscionable dissipation of more than $300 billion of American taxpayers’ money in Iraq. As a result, the American peoples’ needs go unmet. All that massive wastage of life and U.S. taxpayers’ hard-earned money, not to mention that of many more innocent Iraqi lives and of Iraqi taxpayers’ money, was the price Wolfowitz was willing to selfishly inflict upon his fellow Americans because he wanted to ingratiate himself with his like-minded bosses in the U.S. government.

Similarly to his hero’s reward, Alhaji Fofana’s own reward clearly lies in the realization of his own unpatriotic dream, namely: The continuation of the betrayal of the people of SL under a Berewa-led SLPP government in 2007 and beyond.

Which leads us to the following key question: Is one man’s selfish personal ambition worth the destruction of the livelihood, hopes, and aspirations of millions of his fellow citizens? Alhaji Fofana’s self-admitted role model, Wolfowitz, by his well documented actions in brazenly making false statements to the American people, in advance of his promotion as World Bank President by U.S. President George W. Bush, has selfishly answered that question with a resoundingly unpatriotic yes!

So, why should we expect SL’s incontrovertible personification of Wolfowitzian lack of patriotism, the self-delusive Alhaji Fofana, to answer differently in relation to his own unpatriotic angling for personal benefit, at the harrowing expense of millions of his own long-suffering fellow S/Leoneans, in a future SLPP government of Vice-President Berewa?

Indeed, Alhaji Fofana unwittingly provides us with proof of his unpatriotic intentions in his own voluntarily written words in his unacknowledged advertisement for the continued impoverishment of millions of S/Leoneans under the SLPP. He did so in his discordant opinion piece "Clap for us, Wolfowitz has spoken." Specifically, Fofana wrote: "Let me state clearly that if the World Bank President had seen half, not all of this government’s handwork, he would have unwittingly began to campaign for our destined continuity under the indefatigable Solo B whose popularity is spreading like wild fire."

As one would expect of someone who falsely sees in others what he truly sees in himself, Alhaji Fofana falsely ascribes his own purely selfish motives to me. In particular, he brazenly alleges that the motivation for my criticism of the bane of the long suffering people of SL — the incompetent and corrupt government of President Kabbah and Vice-President Berewa — is "[t]hat he is a frustrated student who has spent so many years in America without a decent job but wants his air ticket paid for with all the facilities to a big job in Sierra Leone." To which I respectfully respond with an open challenge to Alhaji Fofana:

Would you openly declare to the people of SL, as I hereby do, that you will not accept any job, position, perk, or other personal benefit not available to the general population of S/Leoneans from any SLPP government in 2007 or beyond?

The people of SL are anxiously waiting for you to demonstrate by your actions that you place their much more important interest above your relatively insignificant, purely selfish, personal interest in angling for personal profit in the SLPP at the expense of their much more deserving livelihood and welfare. Please be advised that your refusal and failure to make the above declaration would confirm to patriotic S/Leoneans that you have no intention of deviating from the craven selfishness which you and your hero, Wolfowitz, have respectively honed into an unpatriotic weapon against your own country’s interest and that of the far more important welfare of millions of your fellow citizens, for the sole purpose of gratifying your respective selfish interests.

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