From the Editor’s Keyboard

The rule of law must be paramount

21 September 2007 at 02:37 | 1182 views


The new APC government is trying to settle down amidst the bizarre situation of having to work with SLPP ministers many of whom are afraid of their own shadows these days.

We understand that president Koroma and his advisers are busy carefully screening and putting together a formidable team of ministers to tackle Sierra Leone’s huge problems in the next five years.

Indeed the first test for Koroma is to see what kind of cabinet he is coming up with. Both friend and foe will be making their assessments of each and every individual and, Sierra Leone being such a small country, people generally know each other. No wonder Koroma is not in a hurry over this selection process. Moral integrity, ability and demonstrated will to deliver are the ingredients Sierra Leoneans want to see in their leaders these days.The recent elections have taught politicians that important lesson.

While the police and other security agencies try to curb the sporadic violence that has erupted in the aftermath of the elections, we would like to stress the importance of peace and security and the rule of law. There will be no economic development, no help from the international community if there is no peace and security in the country. Investors will run away. We are sure president Koroma, himself a business man, understands this quite well and will react appropriately.

Finally, we know that a lot of wrongdoing will soon be unearthed. If people break the law, they should be punished by the law and according to the law.We say nobody should be treated in a way not laid down by the laws of Sierra Leone.The courts should be the natural destination of all offenders and they should NEVER be the victims of mob justice or orders from above. We know Ernest Koroma is a decent man that respects the rule of law.

Good luck then to the new administration.