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"The People have Spoken"----Ernest Koroma

12 July 2007 at 04:33 | 456 views

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.

Opposition All People’s Congress (APC) leader, Hon.
Ernest Bai Koroma(photo), has said that the people of Sierra
Leone have decided who governs them after the August
11, 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Koroma made these remarks at the National Stadium where
he addressed thousands of his supporters few minutes
after he launched the party’s elections manifesto at
the Bank of Sierra Leone complex, Kingtom.

The manifesto launch later turned out to be a political rally which attracted arguably the biggest ever rally in
the political history of Sierra Leone.

The 37,000 seater capacity stadium contained well
over twice that number as the day turned out to be a
political exhibition which was climaxed by dancing,
singing and intense drumming.

At the Bank Complex, the APC leader said “the 2007
national elections present a decisive opportunity to
the people of Sierra Leone to choose the party that
will lead the country to the path of progress and
development. That party it is now clear can only be
the All People’s Congress”.

This was contained in the manifesto of the opposition
All People’s Congress (APC) which was yesterday
launched by the party’s leader, Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma
at the Bank Complex, Kingtom.

Koroma himself said that the 2007 elections will be
different from all other elections and the people of
Sierra Leone have decided.

According to his manifesto message, “No nation can
function without the essential elements of peace and
stability. An APC government will therefore rely on
its police and military forces for the internal and
external security of the state respectively.

"We will ensure that these forces are properly trained and
equipped to enforce law and order to counter any
threats actual or potential and generally enhance
national security’.

The message also states: “An APC government is
determined to lift this country from its current state
of disrepair and desperation by rebuilding its human
resources, its social services and physical
infrastructure that will gear the nation towards
equitable and sustainable economic growth. Sierra
Leoneans will once again see hope for a better

The principles of transparency and accountability and
the elimination of current practices are generally
recognized as indispensable attributes for good
governance. An APC government will ensure strict
adherence to these principles and practices, and will
subject itself to an African Peer Review Mechanism
(APRM) and any other international benchmarks,
according to Ernest Koroma.

The APC manifesto also observes, “Under the principle
of seperation of powers as provided for in our
national constitution, the Sierra leone Parliament
has, in the last ten years, clearly demonstrated an
inability to exercise its functions as an institution
distinct from the executive.

“Unfortunately, executive interference, coupled with
the pursuit of political party interests have clearly
undercut the constitutional role of the legislature.
In addition to this, general conditions of service for
members of Parliament remain unattractive. This
situation will be thoroughly examined by an APC
government, and proper and adequate policies will be
put in place to make Parliamentary work attractive and

“Our immediate and general concern for our people will
be to provide the basic social services which many
other countries take for granted, but which our people
continue to be deprived of. Necessities such as
affordable staple food (rice), electricity, water,
basic health care, an expanded education system, and
jobs for the bulging numbers of unemployed youth. All
these will be our focus”.