The Koroma administration is firm

2 December 2008 at 00:17 | 728 views

By Essa Thaim-Kurugba, USA.

The APC government under the leadership of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had nothing to afraid of. He declared his assets, signed an anti drug law, preached openly about accountability and transparency. What else? My fellow country men, the Koroma Administration had nothing to hide nor afraid of any fear. First and foremost, you would like to ask yourself a question what you will do when fear shows up in front of your domain. Do you behave like the SLPP supporters who will run and hide under the covers of life, shivering furiously and anxiously wait the moment of fear to pass? The Koroma’s Administration will stand up with the full confident, smile and embrace fear. Our political concerned and answer to this simple question will have a considerable impact on the level of freedom, excitement and empowerment the APC government especially, when there was a clandestine activities on the cocaine trafficking is being experience on a daily basis by the SLPP government.

The thing to remember is that, all fears and intimidation’s that stood in front of the APC government’s domain are the fears that the APC government had no fear to be afraid of! The cocaine revelation was unearthed under the watchful eyes of the APC government. A drug dealer will not be selling drugs or do business at a subdivision surrounded with street lights or security lights. The SLPP created a permanent blackout in Sierra Leone in which other named our country “The Crave Yard of West Africa”. Immediately the Koroma Administration took office, he brought in lights, sanitation and defused the nefarious and dissolute activities of the SLPP.

Most likely our professor defines fear as; the unlikable emotion caused by the possibility of pain. This is not the APC government. The thing to note here is that the emotion of fear created by the SLPP to drag this cocaine trafficking on to the APC government era, had really caused an expectation of pain in the Kabbah Administration when the truth finally spills out rather than the actual‘experience’ as the nation pain. SLPP had blemished our nation with cocaine trafficking and cartelism. There is no requirement that our fears are based on any form of rational or objective thought. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the fears that exist in our lives are based purely on anticipated scenarios that may never actually transpire. The Koroma Administration had no anything to do with this cocaine escapade. Being so naive and fickle minded that these indignities are however, had lived and act in our societies as if these scenarios are constantly replaying in our lives.

Let’s shift gears and see to what we are missing here. One of my favorite definitions of fear is sometimes defined as; the false evidence that appears to be real. Impounding of the cocaine at the airport was real but the act of false evidently linking the cocaine saga with the APC government, you might be a nincompoop. With all due respect, in today’s modern society we are conditioned to be fearful of just about everything. The people fear failure, yet also fear for not being able to succeed. They fear being lonely, yet fear of being truly loved by friends. They fear restrictions on their freedom to speak, yet they fear speaking out. They fear of being persecuted for crime not committed but innocently they still end up in prison.

On behalf of our APC members, I would like some of our readers to know that, one of the big things to consider about fear is that, you are not alone. We all experience fear. It’s a very natural part of being human. It’s not fear itself that’s the problem; it’s what we actually do with the fear when it enters our lives. To be honest with you, fear can be a great catalyst for change and a tool for reclaiming your personal power. At the other extreme, avoiding fear will paralyze your life force.. So fear is nothing the APC government is afraid of.

Do you know what has fear cost you in your lifetime already? Do you know the number of family members you have you let slip by? How did applicants became unable to applied for job? How many business ideas have you turned your back on simply because of the fact that you let your fears consume you? The day of the week of the cocaine escapade was the better time when the APC members confronted fears. Finally, fear is nothing the APC government is afraid of.