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Carriacou: Big Drum dances and reconnection

6 October 2016 at 05:06 | 2051 views

By Francis Morean.

The Big Drum Dances or Nation Dances of the island of Carriacou embody many aspects of the ancestral memories of the "nations" or tribes, whose members were enslaved in the island. One of these "nations" was that of descendants of the Temne ethnic group of northern Sierra Leone.

Through the songs and dance of this group of people it has been possible to establish the connections between the Temne of Sierra Leone and their descendants in Carriacou.

Last week there was a reconnection between these two groups as a delegation from Sierra Leone paid an official visit to Grenada and Carriacou. The group included Tourism Minister Sidi Yaya Tunis and Paramount Chief Bai Bureh ( a descendant of the legendary Bai Bureh) of the Port Loko District of Sierra Leone. Several events were hosted to mark the event and this album includes images from those events.

This bit was recorded during the welcoming ceremony that was conducted at the end of the jetty as the visitors disembarked from the ferry that brought them from Grenada on Tuesday 27th September 2016.