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Freetown: Chinese ambassador visits ACC

19 May 2021 at 22:34 | 696 views

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone Wednesday hosted the Ambassador of China to Sierra Leone, HE Hu Ziangliang, and had fruitful discussions with regard China’s support for our work - which he said was highly commendable, for the mutual benefit of our respective countries.

He conveyed that they have been following and are impressed with our "fearlessness and dedication with the fight against Corruption" and expressed the beginning of the support of China in sustaining it to uproot what he referred to as the "tumor" which corruption represents. He took a conducted tour of our offices.

He also made donations of computers and other hardware for our use in the continued war on corruption as an example in

Photo: Chinese ambassador Hu Ziangliang and ACC Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala.