Letter to editor

"That Was Not Me"-------Moijue

20 December 2005 at 06:42 | 1554 views

Moijue Kaikai one of the strongest PMDC supporters in the United Kingdom says he is the victim of a smear job in one of the Freetown papers. Let him tell his own story:

Press Release

My attention has been drawn to a series of articles that have
appeared in The Democrat Newspaper of Sierra Leone which
have quoted me or somebody by the name of Moijue KaiKai that purports to sing the praise/policies ( if any ) of
Vice President Solomon Berewa.
Be it known to all and sundry that I have at no time written to
The Democrat Newspaper of Sierra Leone and wish to disassociate
my name from any articles that have appeared in recent days in
my name.
My positions on issues are well known in Sierra Leone and beyond, and I have not changed
and have no intention of changing those views as I strongly
believe our
Country deserves and is now ready for a better leadership and Positive Change rather than one that continues to put our
country at the bottom of the UNDP development index table.
Such publications are products of bent journalists who are giving the noble profession a bad image in our Country.
My advice to The Democrat Newspaper is to act professionally and desist from this lay belleh-ism, because it has brought no progress to Sierra Leone.

Thank You.

Moijue KaiKai, London, United Kigdom.