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Thanks for Sympathy

28 June 2007 at 02:06 | 399 views

By Zubairu Wai, Toronto.

Teddy and the Foday-Musa family, at home (in Sierra Leone) and abroad, would like to extend their sincere thanks to all those who have in various ways supported them throughout this sad period of the loss of their dear mother, Mrs. Mariatu Foday-Musa. Mrs. Foday-Musa passed away on Tuesday June 12, and was buried on the same day in Bo, Sierra Leone. The Seventh Day memorial ceremony took place on Tuesday June 19 in Bo.

Arrangements have now been finalised for the 40th Day ceremony which will take place on July 22nd in Bo, Sierra Leone and Maastricht, the Netherlands where Teddy lives with his family. Teddy and his family are extending an open invitation to, and are offering to host (at their own expense) any member of Leonenet who might want to visit the Netherlands for the 40th Day ceremony. This is an opportunity for all those interested in visiting the Netherlands.

Those who still want to make financial contributions can contact Teddy on + 31 618 164 020; his father, Francis Foday-Musa in Bo: + 232 76 875 994; his younger sister, Sita in Bo: +232 76 645 459; Foday Mannah (Manaski) in the UK: +44 131 477 4319 or my humble self (Zuba in Toronto) +1 416 650 2286.

May the soul of Teddy’s mum and the souls of all departed loved ones rest in peace!

Photo: The late Mrs. Mariatu Foday-Musa.