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Thanks and Appreciation from the Suma Family

17 April 2007 at 12:05 | 527 views

Ladies and gentlemen friends and well wishers,

The official mourning period for our dear Alhaji Musa Khalil Suma is over but our love and memory of him shall never fade.

On behalf of the entire SUMA family at home and abroad, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those who supported us during this genuine moment of grief.
After the loss of a loved one, friends and relatives usually respond by expressing their sympathy, sending flowers, condolence cards, meals, money and other acts of kindness to let you know that your grief is shared and understood. In good numbers we did recieve such support. Once more we thank you all!

Sometimes it is easy for us to write anniversary or birthday greetings, yet feel awkward and uncomfortable to write condolence notes let alone a tribute, but that was not the case for a wonderful and a loyal family friend Mohamed Jalloh (aka Moh’m Jalloh) who wrote a very thoughtful and truthful eulogy to his friend. I want you to know how much we appreciate you and would like to convey our deepest admiration for your thoughtfulness.

To my fellow Academicians, I thank you for showing up in full force. Rev Gloria, Winston, Tholley, Saidu, Abu, David, Capt Banjana, Richard, Baabie and Barrie, to name but a few — your presence meant a lot to me. Uncle Fred and Mr. Bendu I thank you very much for the warmth and joy you brought into my home on the evening you visited. Lady Flo, your immense contribution made a lot of difference, may young Khalil repay you someday for his namesake.

Uncle John (Dr Karefa-Smart), Dr Bob Thomas, Attorney Sorie Tarawally, Chairman Sam Kanu, I want you all to know I was deeply touched by your kind words of encouragement. Sam, you are indeed a remarkable leader — I did receive your mail on behalf of our colleagues in the UK, please give them my regards. Sal, Carl, Jnr Mackie, Bola-Williams, Brother Kwame Fitzjohn and all others who could not make it but took moments out of their busy schedules to send condolences, I thank you.

Dr Lans Kumalah, I sincerely appreciate your time and presence — I thank you for staying through the service. Tejan Savage and Askia (Abu Hassan-Koroma) , It was my delight to recognize your presence, Amadu Massally, our indefatigable President of the SL Network, I thank you for your kind note of condolence and I do note your interesting observation that followed in response to Moh’m’s tribute.

Akindele, Sally Thomas, Mr. S G Kamara, Mr & Mrs Jon & Sarian Bouma, Obai and Mr. Wundemoi Daboh, God Bless and thank you for the support. CJ, I thank you for the call and words of sympathy. Mary, the tablecloths made a world of difference — I wholeheartedly appreciate the help. Sally Thomas, please give my regards to your dad — I thank him for helping out with the service. Bro. Abdul Iscandari, I did receive your phone call. I know upon getting the sad news you would have recalled those days we would hangout at Ludgate House — well, such is the reality of life. Please send me your phone number.

To my friend and bro. Martin Sowe your support was very touching and it opened my mind to a true definition to real friendship thank you, thank you!

For all the remaining good-hearted souls whose name I may have missed out on, please accept my apologies and know that I deeply appreciate your love and concern. Those whose phone calls or emails I may not have returned, invitations I may not have honored, meetings I may have excused myself from, please be understanding — it is our tradition to observe a minimum of 40 days of mourning on the loss of a loving family member which impacts on several of our normal activities.

Again, I thank you all. May Allah protect you in your endeavors - God Bless!

Jesmed Foday-mami Suma.