From the Editor’s Keyboard

Talk to the people

3 October 2007 at 09:28 | 530 views


We would like first of all like to extend belated congratulations to president Ernest Bai Koroma on his 54th birthday(October 2, 2007).We at the Vanguard wish him long life and prosperity in all his undertakings, future and present.

However we would like to bring to his notice the growing frustration and impatience of many Sierra Leoneans(especially those living abroad)over the delay in naming a cabinet and starting the work for which the APC has been elected. All sorts of rumours have been flying around and the opposition, as will be expected, is having a field day with its carefully scripted attacks.

President Koroma, a man who has lived for most of his life in Sierra Leone, knows only too well that our people are looking for change, dramatic change. That’s why they braved the rain and the cold and the hunger in August and September to vote in a government they hoped will bring changes in their lives and provide the enabling environment for them to prosper. They don’t want to go to government offices and see the same people they kicked out of power doing business as usual!

We suspect there are very good reasons why the new government is very careful about selecting the next crop of ministers and why it’s taking its time making the great announcement.We know the APC and their allies have very highly educated and experienced people to run the country, in fact too many people, but the masses need to know the reasons for the delay and to be constantly informed about what’s going on generally.

Communication is very crucial in modern governance. The former government failed to communicate adequately with the people, living in a world of their own, and we know what happened to them. We suggest that this new government learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

Talk to the people, at home and abroad. They are always ready to listen and judge you but you have to do it constantly. Remember, they are the masters and you are the servants. They are the employers and you are the employees. Remember that.