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STMG recognised as a top 25 SME in Sierra Leone

19 December 2022 at 23:06 | 1483 views

STMG (Sinneh T. Moijueh Group) became 2 years old on 28th November 2022. We were among the Top 25 SMEs recognised in the Sierra Leone Annual Corporate Awards Banquet for outstanding performance in the Private sector and for commitment to Business Excellence, Best Practices and Socioeconomic growth and Human Development in Sierra Leone.

Thanks be to God for his blessings over the years! Thanks to all employees and Marketing Agents of the STMG for tirelessly working hard to make this a reality. Thanks to you all too, a very wonderful family of friends and loved ones, for your extremely generous support in tirelessly promoting the STMG brand over the past two years. We could never have gotten this recognition without your unconditional support! This award is dedicated to all friends and ambassadors/promoters of the STMG - it goes to you all!

Thank you!

Thank you!

©️Sinneh T. Moijueh

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