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Biko, the quest for humanity and nation building

2014-10-07 07:03:48

Credit: Pambazuka News.
By Veli Mbele, South Africa*
Biko’s Black Consciousness is now more relevant than ever in South Africa. The neo-liberal, white-supremacist order which prevails today not only keeps the Black masses oppressed but also defines the very questions which can be asked about this state of affairs. The elite post-apartheid discourse excludes the important questions like those of land dispossession, racial and class oppression and gender equality from the agenda. (...)

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Friday March 13 melee was provoked by Lansana Fadika

18 March 2009

By Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), USA.
Contrary to the negative reports which are being circulated by the SLPP mouthpiece that the APC supporters were responsible for the melee that occurred on Friday 13th, 2009 at Wallace Johnson Street outside the SLPP headquarters, according to an independent eye witness report, the melee was provoked by the SLPP chairman for the Western Area, Mr. Lansana Fadika.
On the day of the incident, Mr. Fadika mobilized SLPP supporters to put a barricade in front (...)

Is Sierra Leone an ethnocentric nation

12 March 2009

By Mohamed C. Bah,Ex-President, Sierra Leone Community, Atlanta, USA.
“High we exalt thee,realm of the free; Great is the love we have for thee”:From these exalting words of our national anthem, being a Sierra Leonean is a precious gift. It is as Dr. Brian Stanley described: “the consciousness of being part of a nation and subscribing to its cherished values,aspiring the best that is in human nature- a generous service and astounding self-sacrifice for your (...)

Meet the Minister of Mineral Resources and Political Affairs

10 March 2009

By Sekou Dauda Bangura, USA.
When His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma put together his grand coalition to turn Sierra Leone around following the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections he came under heavy criticism from disgruntled and frustrated politicians who described his cabinet as heavily tilted to the north. Following his cabinet reshuffle a week ago, His Excellency came under criticism again for putting in place a cabinet dominated by northerners. This, obviously, is not (...)

Ethics and Ethical Behaviour in the SL Legal Profession

4 March 2009

By Charles Bamikole Carr, LLB (Hons) Law, LLM in Business Law, Academic in Legal Studies: University of Westminster, England.
It was just the other day that I read from a prominent Sierra Leone news Webpage that the Sierra Leone Law School celebrated its 19th Foundation Day, something that I see as a pillar for justice, fairness and equally for good governance not only in the judiciary but also within the other institutions in our blessed country. However, what must be borne in mind on (...)

The Changing Face of Sierra Leone’s Foreign Ministry

25 February 2009

By Saidu Kaye Sesay, in London.
It was New Year’s eve (2009), when I honoured a pre-arranged interview with Sierra Leone’s new Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay, at his Gloucester Street office. It was "business as usual" for some public officials who had decided to take an early vacation, but not Mr. Bayraytay. Though he was late for the meeting, (let say we blame it on the perennial traffic congestion), he maintained my hope by (...)

The go-getter minister

17 February 2009

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, London, UK.
They call her the go-getter Minister simply because she spends most of her time seeking donor support for Sierra Leone which she usually gets.
But in the words of an Iranian diplomat, “Your foreign minister is your IRON LADY” But is she really the Margaret Thatcher of Sierra Leone? Wait and see!
In fact, her colleague Foreign Ministers have nick-named her “The Lady In A Hurry” and in her usual humorous manner has responded, (...)

The last diamond

13 February 2009

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura, London, UK.
There is no iota of doubt that if diamonds are forever, the unethical mining and rapid land degradation is Sierra Leone is forever too. Hence, with the prevailing negativities in mining communities and how government and NGOs respond to them, it is prudence to ask what the cost on man and the environment is before the last diamond is reached or extracted in Sierra Leone.
The mining industry in Sierra Leone is one of the viable sectors for economic (...)

Damning the Incidents of Rape and Child Abuse in Sierra Leone

9 February 2009

By Abdulai Bayraytay, Freetown.
The reported death of a ten-year-old girl in Hamilton village, an outskirt village in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown, as reported in the Concord Times newspaper publication of February 5th, this year following her brutal rape by a "pedophile" stepfather has provoked more questions of how serious the authorities have been disposed in addressing incidents of rape in the country.
While the frequent incidents of rape in the country have been facilely (...)

The DENI Concept: Economics, Sociology or Mere Intuition?

3 February 2009

By John Mannah, Maryland, USA.
The Direct Expatriate Nationals Investment initiative (DENI) has circulated the internet for a while now, and I notice that a few good citizens of Sierra Leone have even started catching on to this concept by accepting to serve as representatives of this initiative in different parts of North America to promote it.
There are even advertisements calling for consultants to volunteer to travel to S/Leone and work for DENI. It is also part of the agenda of the (...)

APC Popularity Hinges on Haja Afsatu’s Works

27 January 2009

By Alpha Rashid Jalloh,Freetown.
The expectations of Sierra Leoneans when Ernest Bai Koroma won the elections in 2007 were many and many of them have not (yet) been fulfilled, but one woman who has continuously sustained the popularity of the All People’s Congress is Haja Afasatu Kabbah.
As minister of Energy and Power, she has restored regular electricity supply to the capital, Freetown, which had once earned the unenviable description of being “the darkest city in the (...)

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