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Cabral at 90: Unity and struggle continue in Africa

2014-01-24 07:46:32

By Dr. Ama Biney.* Source: Pambazuka News. In this special issue on Amilcar Cabral (photo) we seek to return to the life, writings, legacy, political, social, economic and cultural insights of this revolutionary figure whilst examining what he means to Africans and their struggles of today. Amilcar Cabral would be 90 years old on 12 September 2014 if his life had not been cruelly cut short by reactionary forces on 20 January 1973. He was 49 years old at the time and therefore 20 January (...)Read the full story »

Sierra Leone at 48: A Historical, Political and Cultural Assessment

20 April 2009
By Sekou Daouda Bangoura,USA. April 27 1961 represents a political watershed in the history of Sierra Leone. On that momentous day Sierra Leone regained its independence from Britain. Unlike other countries in Africa whose march to independence was marked by a violent struggle, Sierra Leone attained independence peacefully; independence was virtually handed over to us on a silver platter. It was a moment that was greeted with euphoria - the entire country was agog with festivity to herald (...)

Political violence in Sierra Leone: Is the red flag up again?

17 April 2009
By Joseph Cabineh Howard, Indianapolis, USA. It was all history - for a good reason though - when in the 2007 elections the incumbent Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) conducted an election in Sierra Leone, and peacefully transferred power to the opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), albeit, with some murmur. In a continent where political transitions are too often visited by traumatizing violence and eventual collapse of the state, the Kabbah government deserves high marks for its (...)

Sierra Leone is a good place to visit and retire

15 April 2009
By Essa Thaim Kurugba, The New Rising Sun, USA. Due to its political tranquility and its safe haven reputation the British colonialists called Sierra Leone “The Cradle of Africa”. Sierra Leone is truly blessed by our forefathers and it is an amazing country, with a reputation for hospitality and a tranquil place for retirement. The climate is excellent with equatorial rain forest. Private clinics and healthcare are inexpensive and of better quality compared to other African (...)

I have a Real Dream!

10 April 2009
By Dr. Foday M. Kallon, Freetown, Sierra Leone. International public opinion has learned with indignation about happenings in Freetown and Sierra Leone in general. This demonstrates that there is still the absence of political tolerance in Sierra Leone. The people seem not to have learned from the past "deep down in the bones” but only “in the flesh". They pay lip service to democracy and democratic practices. They do not believe in agreeing to disagree. They believe in "my (...)

Challenges to democracy: The military in Guinea

3 April 2009
Dadis Camara of Guinea is an example of ’militariat’ rule in West Africa, writes Jibrin Ibrahim, Director of the Centre for Democracy and Development. Camara has been avoiding elections, with claims for the need to challenge drug networks and end corruption, but, says Ibrahim, this is an agenda to legitimise his rule. The drug networks, Ibrahim suggests, are closely linked to a military ruling class that is kept in place by the state’s high expenditure on the military and (...)

A sobering political lesson for SLPP mavericks

28 March 2009
By Sekou Daouda Bangoura, USA. The swift and drastic response by supporters of the ruling All People’s Congress to stone-throwing hirelings and hoodlums of the Sierra Leone People’s Party two weeks ago generated a firestorm of condemnation from SLPP sympathizers worldwide. The SLPP headquarters in Freetown was severely damaged while some supporters of the grand old party including the recently elected chairman of the Western Area Lansana Fadika were seriously manhandled for (...)

Is it time for a third force in Sierra Leone

23 March 2009
By Alpha Lebbie, PV Correspondent, Boston, USA. It is almost 50 years since Sierra Leone gained independence from the British in 1961. Since then what can we really show for this? The major public buildings, the Youyi building, the national stadium and the 18 storey Bank of Sierra Leone buildings in downtown Freetown are the only admirable structures in the country since independence. Life is not all about edifices; but apart from that has there been any improvement in the ordinary (...)

APC supporters will never rape women

20 March 2009
By Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), USA. The SLPP media are currently disseminating a rumor that is not only baseless, and unfounded, but is diabolical in nature and disgraceful to the entire Sierra Leonean population. The SLPP media are reporting that APC supporters raped SLPP women during the clash on Friday 13th 2009. This is an evil strategy dangerously employed by JJ Blood Saffa and John Benjamin to insult, tarnish, and smear the image of the people of Sierra Leone and the name of the APC (...)

Friday March 13 melee was provoked by Lansana Fadika

18 March 2009
By Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief), USA. Contrary to the negative reports which are being circulated by the SLPP mouthpiece that the APC supporters were responsible for the melee that occurred on Friday 13th, 2009 at Wallace Johnson Street outside the SLPP headquarters, according to an independent eye witness report, the melee was provoked by the SLPP chairman for the Western Area, Mr. Lansana Fadika. On the day of the incident, Mr. Fadika mobilized SLPP supporters to put a barricade in front (...)

Is Sierra Leone an ethnocentric nation

12 March 2009
By Mohamed C. Bah,Ex-President, Sierra Leone Community, Atlanta, USA. “High we exalt thee,realm of the free; Great is the love we have for thee”:From these exalting words of our national anthem, being a Sierra Leonean is a precious gift. It is as Dr. Brian Stanley described: “the consciousness of being part of a nation and subscribing to its cherished values,aspiring the best that is in human nature- a generous service and astounding self-sacrifice for your (...)

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