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Can we do more to better Zambia?

2014-07-16 06:55:21

Credit: Pambazuka News
By Charles Mwewa, Toronto, Canada.*
In a few months, Zambia will turn 50. A sober assessment of how the country has fared since independence would show that some notable progress has been achieved. But serious challenges still persist. Zambia now needs new blood, new formulae and new commitment to drive its economic and political agenda
In 2011, I published ‘Zambia: Struggles of My People’. In this book I rather presciently predict the future of Zambia (...)

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In a Pan-African state of mind

26 October 2009

By Leonard Quarshie, Maryland, USA.
I have been feeling nostalgic lately. Nostalgic not in a sort of having-been-there-done-that- kind of way. But in a kind of what-would- Nkrumah-think-about-this kind of way. I guess it’s because I haven’t read anything nourishing in a long time. So much is happening in the world with such speed that there is hardly time for perspective, for context, for reflection. I would be lying if I said I hunger (...)

The Guinea Massacre: A lesson for African leaders

20 October 2009

By Ibrahim Mansaray, Stocton, USA.
An old friend of mine at Njala University College, Alphan Tajawie, once told me that there is a thin line separating military regimes and brutality.
Well, recent events spiraling out of Guinea are a clear manifestation of the junta’s barbarity against civilians and a testimony to my friend’s assertion. As a student of history, I am not flabbergasted by the butchery of civilians by idiotic and incompetent soldiers in Guinea.
In the blody (...)

Mad Selfishness

17 October 2009

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown. It had been a good week for planet earth. In our global village today, we had been agape on our satellite TV at the high drama ongoing at the UN headquarters in New York, United States.
It has been an awesome Academy Award-type red carpet walk of the most powerful, and ‘the most dangerous’, men on earth - as they entered and congregated under the ‘greatest village palava hut in the world’. That all of them could meet under this same (...)

Real Estate: Tips on Housing Property Investment

12 October 2009

By: I. Tee Kamara GRI, - R.E. Consultant, MD, USA.
Location! Location and Location!
Just because the housing prices seem to have hit a temporary rock bottom in the United States and many countries around the world, that doesn’t mean that profits from property investment are hard to come by.
During a housing market slowdown, stagnation or depression profits can be made locally and overseas if any. In this article as a member of the Maryland Real Estate Consultant Group, I will (...)

Disaster and Catastrophe Risks Financing in Sierra Leone

4 October 2009

By Kortor Kamara, USA.
The latest natural disaster resulting in the drowning of over 150 people in Sierra Leone on September 8, 2009 has again highlighted and exposed on an international scale the issues of how our nation addresses and manages liability, not only for catastrophe risks, but risks in general especially in the commercial sector. In the wake of the boat disaster and several other catastrophe losses before, questions such as who will pay death benefits to survivors of the (...)

SLPP fails to get it right

29 September 2009

By Ibrahim Phodei Sheriff, Darby, Pennsylvania, USA.
From my personal assessment of Sierra Leone’s Grand Old Party (GOP), the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), it is still very evident that the party hasn’t been able to grasp the reasons that culminated in its failures in recent national politics of Sierra Leone.
Some will say that those who are in positions of authority and who are responsible for influencing the party’s policies or implementing them do (...)

Yenga is ours, a gift from God

25 September 2009

By Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, California, USA. Ask the Palestinians about their lost lands and the feelings they bore against the Israelis and some will tell you that they will never forget and forgive the Israelis for "transgressing" on their land. It is an issue that will never fade away as long as the Palestinian-Israeli brouhaha exists.
Well, ask the people of Kailahun about the Yenga issue; instead of voicing their feelings loudly,some would sigh and seem to be resigned to their (...)

The Michael Jackson Lesson for Salone

22 September 2009

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
The media – radio, T.V., internet; BBC, CNN, CBS, etc. – in nearly every country on planet earth, in French, Korean, Arabic, Chinese languages, etc is afire with condolences using god-like accolades for the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson.
From our own small corner of Sierra Leone it appears as if there is hardly anything we can add, or, connect our country with, to this global outpouring of awe and grief. But there (...)

Research exposes AIDS workers in Sierra Leone

19 September 2009

By Emmanuel Turay in Nairobi.
A working paper on ‘HIV/AIDS as a Biosocial Formation by Veena Das has revealed that one of the most neglected aspects of research and policy interventions on HIV and AIDS is the way in which sexual and reproductive violence is folded into the experience of the disease.
The paper further disclosed that even in the United States, for instance, the exposure of young girls (and boys) to HIV and AIDS due to sexual violence within their families and (...)

Please, let’s love each other

13 September 2009

By Mohamed C. Bah, Ex-President, Sierra Leone Community, Atlanta, USA
“The greatest problem of mankind today is there is too much hatred going around.” These are the historic words of a young preacher from Atlanta Georgia,the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He went on:“more than any thing else,we must learn to love one another.” Dr King’s philosophical perspectives were grounded on the strong believes that: “we are all tied up together in a single (...)

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The Ebolarization of Every Death in Sierra Leone

By Alhassan Fouard Kanu, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The magnitude and spread of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone requires enormous commitment of resources and robust sustained (...)


Sierra Leonean Women and the Ebola Pandemc

By Zainab Tunkara Clarkson.* As the dreaded ebola virus disease (EVD) ravages across West Africa with a vengeance, afflicting young and old with merciless impunity, it is unfortunate to note (...)