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On Euthanasia

2014-01-24 06:40:24

Dear Editor: Find enclosed a letter to the editor for publication if appropriate. Suffering with Dignity For ethical and practical reasons legitimizing euthanasia is a diabolical idea. What else can we do to reduce the pain of the seriously and terminally sick? Everyone has the right to pain treatment: we must eliminate the suffering, not any human being that suffers from the pain. Confidence in caregivers is very necessary to reduce anxiety. It is necessary and noble to share (...)Read the full story »

HIV AIDS in the United States

21 November 2013
Dear Editor: HIV AIDS in the United States 56,300 people annually contract the AIDS virus in the United States. This figure increases by 40% the number of new cases predicted by health authorities, according the report of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The American institution emphasizes that the infectious disease predominantly occurs among young people that promote same sex sexual relations as well as among African American people. The director of UNAIDS, Peter Piot, (...)

The Evil of Euthanasia

9 August 2013
By Clemente Ferrer. Belgium sanctioned a law on euthanasia that came into force in 2002. A law incited by Holland. In both countries the process was controversial due to the opposition that it had to endure. A professor at the University of Hull (United Kingdom), Raphael Cohen-Almagor, has done research published in the journal “Issues in Law & Medicine. This article reviewed the historical causes and legal developments as well as the repeated abuses against life. Thus, the (...)

Condom industry

30 July 2013
By Clemente Ferrer. In Mexico City, Ministers of Health and Education have been gathered to stop the social scourge of AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the event, Caribbean Delegates decided to introduce the principle of abstinence prior to marriage, as well as fidelity once married as a plan to struggle against the expansion of sexually transmitted diseases. However, these proposals were rejected. Throughout history, human being has taught children about this. Now, this (...)

Good Parenting

19 July 2013
By Arturo Ramo, Spain. In a book on child psychology I learned that an emotional issue for many children is the lack of self-confidence and how to get to grow up safe and form a balanced personality. The author identified three fundamental pillars: Affection, Stability and Constancy. The child needs to feel loved by their parents and educators imbibe their virtues. The environmental and regulatory framework must be stable. The rules of conduct in the family cannot change overnight, (...)

Oral Traditions

9 July 2013
By Agustín Pérez, Spain. That image of the grandchildren sitting around their grandparents seems to be disappearing. When ethnological studies proliferate with a major effort to collect traditions, music and folk stories-many of the traditional stories come from this source-The paradox is that within the family many may now be forgetting the memory of his history. With the lack of coexistence between generations, and other cases where the children live with only one parent, it creates (...)

We Should Read

27 June 2013
By Federido Gómez “The decrease in the reading habits of a people implies a true mental step back for society. It reduces its creative imagination, its intelligence and its sensitivity.” The quote above is by Ibáñez Langloise, a Chilean poet with whom I totally agree. As an educator, I verify that students who are fond of reading encounter fewer hitches in their studies, get better grades and are usually more mature. It is just logical —reading improves spelling, (...)

Cigarette Smoke and Children’s Intellect

18 June 2013
Dear Editor, Children exposed to the smoke of cigarettes have more problems in intellectual development, according to a study of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the United States. Despite tough anti-smoking measures, research has found nicotine in 85% of children and more than 40% of children inhale nicotine in their own homes. Because of this, the British government launched an anti-smoking campaign aimed at young people between eleven and fifteen years. Moreover, the Dutch (...)

Safe Toys

10 June 2013
By Clemente Ferrer. European Union Member States have approved new security measures for toys. These will prohibit poisonous substances and limit the use of heavy alloy. With this regulation, chemical substances that can produce carcinoma, modifying the genetic information or affecting fertilization, will no longer be authorized in children’s toys. Therefore, harmful heavy minerals such as lead or mercury will no longer be used in toys. These measures will prevent children choking (...)

The Death Penalty

5 June 2013
Dear Editor: Find enclosed a letter for publication if appropriate. Contrary to what defenders of the death penalty assert, lethal injections that kill many condemned persons in capital punishment may cause a huge suffering in the final death throes, according to a study published by Human Rights Watch. Moreover, the United States and China lead the ranking of the countries with most death sentences. In 22 countries more than 2,000 people were executed and more than 5,000 were tried, (...)

Childhood Obesity

29 April 2013
Dear Editor, Find enclosed a letter to the editor for publication if appropriate. Childhood obesity Cardiovascular and endocrine diseases are the main problems related to childhood obesity. However, there is another dilemma very dangerous called cancer. A study published in the journal "Cell" states that overweight acts as a promoter of tumors in general and particularly of liver tumors. Today’s children will live fewer years and with worse quality of life than their grandparents; (...)

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