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Television and Learning

2014-10-22 07:34:56

By Arthur Ramo, Madrid, Spain.
Television is a technological medium of great importance in the lives of people, because it provides information and entertainment, among other things.
However, it may be the main cause of school failure for many students. Here are some facts:
All surveys made on children conclude that most children watch too much TV programs, some appropriate for their age and others for adults. Research on the subject says that when you watch TV too much without control, (...)

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Thuggery by APC supporters in Freetown.

13 July 2007

By Teddy Foday-Musa.
Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone descended into lawlessness on the 11th July, when APC supporters took to the main streets with offensive songs against Tejan Kabbah, Berewa and the SLPP. It was reported that a lady dressed in her SLPP tee-shirt, was whisked out of a taxi she boarded in fear and severely beaten by APC thugs. This begs the question as to whether THUGGERY is still a part of the NEW APC of Ernest Bai Koroma.
The procession was jam-packed with (...)

PMDC Shakes Bo

12 July 2007

This photo of a massive PMDC march in Bo this week was sent to us by a dedicated supporter of that party who said SLPP supporters were thrown into a panic when the PMDC took hold of the town. Skirmishes between PMDC and SLPP supporters were later reported.
There had been persistent rumours and speculations by some pundits that the PMDC was finished as a political force. This photo says otherwise. As they say, a photo is worth more than a thousand (...)

PDL Press Release

7 July 2007

Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League
Public Statement.
6 JULY 2007.
Subject: Sierra Leone Threatened by US World Imperialism.
Our attention has been drawn to an evil plan by United States imperialist agents in the region to invade and annex oil rich southern towns and villages of Sierra Leone. This vicious, subversive and anti-African plan, we are reliably informed has the support of the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in (...)

The "infamous" Bo School?

24 June 2007

By Alpha Lebbie (Fonz), USA. On an internet blog site that I visited last week, the blogger, who happens to have volunteered in Sierra Leone for a Canadian NGO , showed a picture of what he called "the infamous Bo School". What drew my attention here is the dilapidated state of the school. And for one thing ,inspite of the dilapidated state of Sierra Leone ,THE BO SCHOOL has no reason to be in such a state. After all ,this school has produced luminaries, statesmen, and very important (...)

Horror in Sierra Leone

27 May 2007

By Ayo Mason, Holland.
International organisations including the UN have constantly warned that the things that led to the outbreak of Sierra Leone’s civil war are still visible and there is a concern that steps are needed to lift the people from the yoke of poverty.
The present SLPP government has told an outright and intentional lie that its policies cater for all and are even-handed to all while at the same time it promises to treat Sierra Leone as one country and Sierra Leoneans (...)

Sierra Leone Watch: A critical look at current political issues: Jan-Apr 2007

22 April 2007

By Edie Vandy, USA.
Kabbah Compensate ‘Cronies’ with National Honours
It’s now official: President Kabbah will mark this year’s independence on April 27, 2007 by awarding 151 National Honours to men and women he considers to have ‘distinguished themselves in meritorious and outstanding service to the nation’. 151 accolades! Come on. This is an astronomical figure, and smells of a desperation by a man yearning to pay back cronies for supporting his (...)

SLPP has failed on Security for Sierra Leoneans

19 April 2007

By Teddy Foday-Musa, Holland.
Security is a human right responsibility of any government of the day to its people. Such responsibility must be provided in the interest and safety of the people and the state. Governments that are elected by the people, or that assume power on behalf of the people, should have security on top of their performance scale of preference list. State security should be the cornerstone of government policies. Security is not only a prerequisite for development, but (...)

Leadership, Corruption and Development in Africa

13 March 2007

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria.
Actively or passively, all Africa countries, with the exception of may be Ethiopia and Liberia, have reason(s) to celebrate as Ghana celebrates her 50th independence anniversary.
Ethiopia and Liberia are exceptions because they have never been under prolonged colonial rule like the rest of today’s emerging African nation-states. These two, of course naturally celebrate with the rest because of their distinguished roles as countries where major (...)

The Special Court’s Push for an Unfair Advantage for the Prosecutor: Fact or Fiction?

22 February 2007

By Ishamel Taylor-Kamara, USA.
I consider myself to be a pretty charitable person; so I can forgive anyone (except a lawyer, I suppose) who attempts to read a 307 page trial transcript and ultimately “cries uncle”. However, as with most things in life, even generosity must have some limitations. This brings me to the analysis from Messrs. Abdul Karim Bangura and Sami Gandy-Gorgla of the Sierra Leone Working Group (“The Special Court’s Push for an Unfair Advantage (...)

Voices From Confinement

31 January 2007

By Karamoh Kabba
Sierra Leone’s decade-long war is over at last, but the new coalition of detained former members of warring factions says the awkward combination of Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Special Court (SC) of Sierra Leone is the detractor of the provisions of the Lome Peace Accord of 1999 and TRC’s imperative recommendations.
The Lome Peace Accord, which was ratified by the government of Sierra Leone Parliament grants pardon to all combatants of the (...)

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Sex in the Time of Ebola

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Television and Learning

By Arthur Ramo, Madrid, Spain. Television is a technological medium of great importance in the lives of people, because it provides information and entertainment, among other things. However, (...)