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Book Launch of Painful Journey: A Story of Escape and Survival

2014-10-20 20:10:38

The launching ceremony of Painful Journey: A Story of Escape and Survival, by Liberian-Canadian BC resident Jerry Gbardy will take place on Saturday November 1, 2014 at the UNIFOR Building, 326 12th Street, in New Westminster, British Columbia from 5pm to 9pm.
Painful Journey is about the traumatic experiences of Jerry, his family, relatives and other Liberians as they escaped from the brutal carnage of the Liberian civil war and crossed over to neighbouring Sierra Leone where horrible (...)

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The need for more productive jobs for Africa’s Youth

27 January

With more than half of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population now under the age of 25, and as many as 11 million young Africans expected to join the labor market every year for the next decade, creating millions of productive, well-paying jobs will be vital to boost economic growth, significantly cut poverty, and create shared prosperity in Africa, according to a new World Bank report on youth employment in Africa.
While many African economies have registered impressive economic growth in (...)

Abacha Women, Literocrats and Bambara Stream

27 January

By Mohamed Gibril Sesay, Freetown, Sierra Leone. It has been so easy to blame Abacha traders for the traffic and other ills of the city of Freetown. So easy that it has become almost the vogue, a sort of hallowed wisdom amongst the literocrats, that is: the members of the literocracy, that is: rule of the literate as mandated by the constitution and bureaucratic customs, that is: the literate rule and galvanize opposition to rule, from the judiciary to the legislature, (...)

Job Opportunities at Dawnus

21 January

Experienced Operators ONLY
You must have a minimum of 2yrs experience and hold a valid driving licence – category C & D
Please ensure you attend with a copy of an up-to-date CV &
2 Passport photos
DO NOT APPLY: If you have been previously unsuccessful or dismissed by Dawnus (...)

Interview with Sierra Leonean Writer Francess Cole

by Gibril Koroma - 20 January

Francess Cole, pictured, is a young, intelligent and promising Sierra Leonean writer based in Maryland, USA. Her first book, an autobiography, is titled Distant Sunrise-the Strength in her Pain to Forgive, in which she narrates her extremely painful past and how she has been able to deal with it and get on with her life. She is currently working on another book.
In the following interview by email with Patriotic Vanguard publisher Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, Francess responds to questions on (...)

Lawyer Abdul Serry-Kamal Passes On

18 January

By PV staff.
Another heavyweight APC politician, lawyer Abdul Serry-Kamal, has passed away in Maryland, USA. He became Attorney-General and Minister of Justice after the APC, led by Ernest Koroma, won the 2007 elections but lost that position in December 2010.
The son of a chief in the Makeni area, Serry-Kamal (photo) was quiet and unassuming but was a very highly disciplined man of principles not afraid to voice his opinions. He was one of the APC politicians to stoutly defend the party (...)

Building Smart in Ghana: The Story of Regimanuel Gray Limited

14 January

It’s daybreak in Accra, Ghana, and temperatures are already soaring to a searing 30 degrees Celsius. Jobsites around this southeastern Atlantic seaside city are quickly filling up with workers who for the next 8 hours will toil and broil in unrelenting heat and humidity as they play their rightful role in Ghana’s bubbling construction sector.
By contrast things are somewhat more relaxed at a sprawling jobsite in Klagon, where Regimanuel Gray Limited (RGL) is building 1,680 (...)

African Diaspora: New Forms of Protest

12 January

By Our Correspondent in New York.
African governments should be very careful the way they handle governance issues and try to adjust their actions with the demands of their compatriots in and out of the country. With the advent of online journalism including video production, social media (Facebook, twitter etc) and other relatively new forms of expression including staged and professionally executed videotaped protests, African governments have to be alert and be ready to face the new (...)

Fourah Bay College and Njala University researchers hold scoping workshop

6 January

An academic research group comprising of five researchers from Fourah Bay College and Njala University met on 17 and 18 December 2013 for a scoping workshop.
The purpose of the workshop was to elaborate whether a formal academic research group around the local content compact should be founded. The workshop was moderated by Prof. Emmanuel Raufflet from HEC Montréal and joined by GIZ and London Mining staff.
The first day the participants discussed the latest state of the international (...)

APC-Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Jersey Officers Inducted

4 January

By Joseph Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor, USA.
On December 27, 2013 at the INEZ Hall in Philadelphia, Interim Chairman of the APC-USA, Mr. Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara administered the oath of office of officers of the Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey Chapter (photo).
In administering the oath of office to officers, Mr. Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara cited the constituency of APC. He said officers and members of the chapter should uphold and implement the rules and regulations of the (...)

Dawnus Signs Collective Bargaining Agreement

2 January

In a demonstration of their commitment to the welfare of their workforce, Dawnus signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Mine workers’ Union of Sierra Leone on Wednesday 18 December 2013.
The Collective Bargaining Agreement is born out of the Mine workers’ Gazette which outlines the rights and responsibilities of mining companies and their employees below supervisory level. It addresses pay scales, working hours, allowances, overtime, benefits, training, (...)

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Sex in the Time of Ebola

By Alhassan Fouard Kanu, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The Ebola-stricken nation of Sierra Leone is employing whatever means possible, from individual to state level, in response to (...)


Sierra Leonean Women and the Ebola Pandemc

By Zainab Tunkara Clarkson.* As the dreaded ebola virus disease (EVD) ravages across West Africa with a vengeance, afflicting young and old with merciless impunity, it is unfortunate to note (...)