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Ebola: Establish Mechanisms for Treatment Abroad

2014-09-15 03:07:11

It is indeed sad that we have lost yet another medical doctor, Dr.Olivette Buck, to the dreaded Ebola virus disease. She is the fourth Sierra Leonean doctor to be taken away by the disease, thus severely reducing the number of medics in this fight and scaring away a lot of nurses who used to look up to her for guidance and motivation. May her soul rest in peace.
One thing that has shocked Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone at home and abroad is the allegation that WHO (...)

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Mr. President, Okada Curfew is Causing Hardship

by Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief - 12 September

President Koroma’s immense and timely efforts in containing the Ebola outbreak has been widely appreciated in the country as many lives have been saved, although the Okada ( commercial motorbikes) curfew has caused untold hardship to commuters especially those residing at Wellington and beyond. The 7.00 AM to 7:00PM curfew was imposed on Okadas in the city was as a result of suspicion that they were transporting persons suspected of being infected with Ebola into the city or (...)

Cholera Outbreak Rattles Accra

by Roland Bankole, Marke, Deputy Editor, Florida, USA. - 11 September

While Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are rattled by an alarming upsurge in Ebola infections and high death rates, a cholera outbreak is ravaging Accra, capital of Ghana reaching pandemic levels, officials say. Authorities blame the current outbreak on poor sanitation and poverty that are common in the shantytowns and ghettos of the city. Overcrowded health centers are also aiding the rapid spread of the infection. The Vice President of Ghana, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur reports that 10,000 (...)

Meet Bintou, the African-German Female Boxer

10 September

African ladies are normally known for other things than boxing, except for this one who is changing history and making the story look different.
Miss Bintou Yawa Schmill, 29 years old, black African with Togolese ancestry born and based in Germany, started her boxing career at a tender age. Now as an adult her career is moving fast. She has been superb in the boxing ring has won 24 fights and two draws in the welterweight category.
Bintou Schmill, also known as "The Voice" has since 2007 (...)

Ebola Hits Senegal

by Gibril Koroma - 29 August

Senegalese Health Minister Awa Coll-Seck (pictured) announced today at a press conference in Dakar the first Ebola case in her country. According to Jeune Afrique magazine, the person infected is an unnamed Guinean student who "disappeared" in Guinea three weeks ago. He was subsequently traced by Guinean health officials who accordingly informed their Senegalese counterparts.
This makes Senegal the fifth African country to be hit by the ebola virus in recent times after Guinea, Liberia, (...)

At the Kailahun Ebola Frontline in August

28 August

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
While President Ernest Bai Koroma was hosting an ‘Ebola Press Conference’ in State House, Freetown, Sierra Leone born and bred film producer, owner/manager of B-Trixx film productions, ‘cyber journalist’, Jaime Yaya Barry, was guarding two international journalists into the epicenter of the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone, Kailahun District. The journalists were Samuel Aranda of the National Geographic (...)

OKSA: Keynote Address by H.E Hon. Ibrahim Sorie

27 August

Public Spiritedness and Its Role in Community Development
Keynote Address By
H.E. Hon. Ibrahim Sorie Ambassador of Sierra Leone to the Kingdom of Belgium and Head of Mission to the European Union (EU).
Delivered on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Old Kolenten Secondary School Students Association (OKSA) in Virginia, USA, on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd August, 2014.
Esteemed Master of Ceremonies,
Mr. President of OKSA,
Colleague Ambassadors (...)

OKSA Reunion: Chairman Hassan Baraka’s Speech

25 August

2014 OKSA Reunion Night Speech at the Comfort Inn Landmark, Alexandria, Virginia, Friday, August 22, 2014.
Good evening fellow alums, friends of Kolenten, ladies and gentlemen.
I feel very much honored to stand in front of you in my capacity as chairman of OKSA, USA.
OKSA-USA was founded March 1992 when the first meeting of old boys and girls was convened at Flagstaff Road, Landover, Maryland, at the residence of Dr. Alusine S. Jah.
After that meeting, another one was convened in 1993 (...)

Old Kolenten Students Association Reunion & Dance

19 August

Firday August 22, 2014.
Venue: Comfort Inn Landmark
6254 Duke Street
Alexandria, Virginia, 22312.
Saturday, August 23, 2014.
Venue: Capitol Heights, Maryland.
8741 G. Ashwood Drive,
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
Co-Grand Chief Patrons:
1. Dr. Ernest Sahid Surrur
(Cabinet Secretary, Sierra Leone).
2. His Excellency Ibrahim Sorie
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Belgium and Head of Mission to the European Commission.
DJ: Alhaji Argba (...)

Gone But Never to Be Forgotten

19 August

By Claude Meama Kajue, UK.
In memory of -
Dr. Sheik Umar Khan (photo), former Sierra Leone government Chief Virologist. He’s been credited with treating a lot of patients with the Ebola virus during the initial stage of the virus in Sierra Leone:
Dr. Modupeh Cole, he was in charge of Connaught Hospital’s Ebola Isolation Center:
And, the many nurses, porters and other health officials who succumbed to the dreaded Ebola virus while working to save the lives of others.
Your (...)

Addressing the Ebola Virus Disease and Trauma

5 August

Special Commentary
By Abdulai Bayraytay, Freetown, Sierra Leone.*
To say that the peoples of the three West African states of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia are undergoing trauma would be an understatement. This is particularly so as these states are presently battling the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) that was first detected and confirmed in Guinea and then spread to Sierra Leone and Liberia with the attendant deaths of innocent and unsuspecting people.
Indeed, the Ebola Virus Disease (...)

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The Ebolarization of Every Death in Sierra Leone

By Alhassan Fouard Kanu, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The magnitude and spread of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone requires enormous commitment of resources and robust sustained (...)


Sierra Leonean Women and the Ebola Pandemc

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