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On Epidemics and Pandemics in Sierra Leone

2014-10-01 23:44:37

By Melbourne Garber, USA.
As this Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) ravages Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea we are all praying and hoping that with the now massive international effort to the region, it will eventually be defeated sooner rather than later. The latest projections, if this is not contained quickly, do not bear thinking. This has morphed from an epidemic to a regional pandemic.
However, apart from the obvious concern due to the EVD, interest in expanding my knowledge of (...)

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When a Nine-year old Dies under forced FGM

8 June

By Mariama Kandeh, London, UK.
It was with sombre dismay I learnt of the death of a nine-year old girl allegedly during a Female Genital Mutilation process on the 17th of May this year, in a village called Bongama in Eastern Sierra Leone.
I was not shocked by the location because that part of the country is known to be very intransigent when it comes to stopping harmful traditional practices like FGM or Cutting.
While the global picture indicates that FGM/C is becoming less (...)

Child Marriage Still Prevalent in Sierra Leone

26 May

By Mariama Kandeh, London, UK.
Namisa (not her real name), bowed her head, with a shy smile, a shiny face and dressed in a traditional blouse and lappa and her head covered with a white head scarf. She waved goodbye to friends and family of Madogbo village Number One as she was carried on a motor cycle by her husband and escorted by her aunty who had cared for her since she was a child.They headed towards Madogbo village Number Two in the Koinadugu district, northern Sierra (...)

Help Save Number 2 Beach in Sierra Leone!

22 May

Our attention has been drawn to a nefarious activity going on at one of Sierra Leone’s finest beaches, Number 2 River beach near Freetown, the capital.
According to a Facebook posting by a representative of the River No.2 community, CSE (Compagnie Sahelienne d’Entreprises), a local construction company with Senegalese connections, has "decided to cut expenses by constructing a new road (see photo) rather then repairing the old road going to Tokeh from River No.2.They are doing (...)

The Third Term Debate: Who The Cap Fits

19 May

By Alpha Rashid Jalloh, Freetown.
I have been following with keen interest the debate and speculations on the successor to Ernest Koroma (photo) by 2018 and have observed that for now all eyes are on Ernest Koroma for a third term even though he has not openly endorsed it.
There are varying views on the third term itself. I have been picking the brains of the elites both within and outside the APC. There are three categories: The first are the positivists who say if the (...)

The Anti-Corruption Commission and Assets Declaration in Sierra Leone

15 May

By Hassan Baraka, USA.
Assets declaration is an Anti-Corruption tool that is used in a growing number of countries in the world. Its principal objective is to curb the chronic embezzlement of public funds by high-level public officials in their insatiable quest for the accumulation of personal wealth. This is the cardinal reason developing countries, where systemic corruption is endemic, are encouraged to make assets declaration a top priority at combating corruption. In an (...)

Crime and Development in Africa

12 May

Crime and Development in Africa: Towards a Research Agenda and the Case of Corruption.
By Andrew M A Sankoh, Australia.
Although African countries recognise the importance of studying crime, there is still very little research on crime in Africa. The lack of funding for social science research and focus on the development of other professions such as teachers, lawyers and doctors for the newly independent nations in Africa can be partially explained for this gap in (...)

World Bank Structural Adjustment Programs in Seven African Countries

9 May

By Dr. Ishrat Husain, Pakistan.
Editor’s Note: World Bank Structural Adjustment programs had been very controversial in Africa especially in the 70s and 80s largely because they often involved devaluation of currencies and cuts in various sectors of the economies concerned. In this paper, Dr. Ishrat Husain, a former World Bank official (Chief Economist for Africa) explains what the World Bank had been doing in seven African countries. This paper was written in 1994 but we think it is (...)

Why the IMF and World Bank are Dangerous to Sierra Leone

8 May

By Mohamed A. Jalloh, USA.
The following is an excerpt of one side of an exchange of views from Mohamed A. Jalloh to fellow member, Amadu Massally, on May 5, 2014, in the pioneering SALONEDiscussion Internet forum, founded in 2005. The forum’s membership is comprised of "[a] group of interested Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone who, through a common forum, are committed to sharing their views regarding relevant events within Sierra Leone and in the Diaspora for (...)

Taking Advantage of a Fast-Growing Economy to End Extreme Poverty, Boost Shared Prosperity

7 May

The Government of Sierra Leone is expanding its Growth Pole Program to take advantage of the country’s recent growth to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.
Building on information outlined in the Sierra Leone Growth Pole Diagnostic, a recently-released World Bank report, the government plans to leverage the country’s existing opportunities in mining, agriculture and tourism to create jobs in impoverished communities across the country.
“This initiative is (...)

Mines Committee in Kabala

5 May

By Elias Bangura, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
The Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Mineral Resources has paid a three-day working visit to Koinadugu District on 30 April - 2 May 2014 to be fully apprised on mining activities in the district, especially of those engaged in exploration. Committee Chairman, Honourable Amadu Kanu told stakeholders of the district that the Mines Committee is not fully apprised of mining activities in Koinadugu, including the Koinadugu District Council, and (...)

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The Ebolarization of Every Death in Sierra Leone

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