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Coping with Ebola: A Hotel Manager’s Perspective

2014-09-01 20:43:57

Credit: Brand Sierra Leone. Less that five months ago, Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel had its soft opening launch in Aberdeen, Freetown. In the weeks that followed, Sierra Leone’s first 5 star hotel quickly became the place to be for conferences, parties and events of every kind. Now, amidst an unprecedented health crisis in parts of the West African region, the economic impact of the Ebola outbreak is really beginning to take effect. Many companies have temporarily closed down, and (...)Read the full story »

The Current Media Situation in Sierra Leone

by Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief - 25 February
Analysis The destiny of most African nations now hinges on their media which have great roles to play in lifting their countries out of the doldrums, enhance accelerated development, good governance and the protection of fundamental human rights , but in many situations like in Sierra Leone, the media have become so hawkish and mischievous that they aid bad governance and also by their subjectivity create acrimony within the society which is responsible for the (...)

Africell Sierra Leone Crosses The 2 Million Active Subscribers

15 February
Africell Holding ( announces that Africell Sierra Leone crossed the two million mark with over 2,250,000 active subscribers. This is contained in a press release issued by the African Press Organization (APO). "The Group is expecting to end 2014 with over 11 million in total active subscriber base," the release stated. "Africell Sierra Leone is positioned as an uncontestable market leader with 65% market share and is forecasted to cross the 3 million active (...)

UK-based Sierra Leoneans Ready to Assist

13 February
According to an African Press Organization (APO) press release, Sierra Leonean healthcare professionals in the UK are keen to volunteer for short term assignments to fill acute healthcare staffing shortages in their country of origin. The finding emerged from a report: Mapping of Sierra Leonean Health Professionals in the United Kingdom, commissioned by IOM and produced by the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD). Report co-authors Moses Okech and Denise Awoonor-Renner (photo) (...)

Body of late Serry-Kamal Arrives in Freetown

12 February
By PV Staff. The body of the late Abdul Franklyn Serry-Kamal (photo) former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice has arrived in Freetown over the weekend, according to reliable sources. The body of the late APC politician, who served his party throughout his life and never joined any other party will be given full honours by the current government in Freetown before being taken to his final resting place in Makeni his home town. Makeni town and its population, according to our (...)

Tom Nyumah and the Making of the NPRC: In Memoriam to "Ranger" (Part 2)

11 February
Editor’s Note: This is the final part of Dr. Patrick Bernard’s tribute to his protege, the late Lieutenant-Colonel (Rtd) Tom Nyuma. We decided to publish these articles for two reasons, the first being to provide another account of the NPRC coup by someone very close to one of its architects and secondly to present to fellow Sierra Leoneans, historians and other researchers with another view of a coup that is still a very sensitive issue in Sierra Leone. The more we know about (...)

Moyamba District Council,rural development champion

by Gibril Koroma - 6 February
Rural development is the cornerstone of economic take-off of developing countries like Sierra Leone. Without rural development it will be impossible for the country’s Agenda for Prosperity to be realized. That is why we are bringing to the notice of our readers a very significant development taking place in Moyamba district (southern Sierra Leone) where the district council, where the Chairman is former academic and researcher Professor Bob Kandeh. One impressive thing Professor (...)

The Wascalleh Reports

4 February
By Alieu Iscandari, Freetown, Sierra Leone. I (recently) met with President Ernest Bai Koroma and we talked about his vision and plans for change and here is my take: I was ushered into the security cubicle at state lodge deprived of my phone and Ipad and asked to wait in a waiting room. I met a security officer and a few other people waiting. After about 30 minutes of waiting I was called in to meet with the president. I was asked to leave my water bottle and I insisted that I needed my (...)

Maada Bio goes back to school

3 February
By Our Correspondent The former presidential candidate (known in Sierra Leone as flagbearer) of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Julius Maada Bio, pictured, is said to be studying hard at an overseas university (probably an online degree factory) for a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD). Online universities are very popular in Sierra Leone these days; there is one in the UK with a dubious pedigree that has been dishing out Masters and Doctorate degrees to Sierra Leoneans (...)

APC-Australia Expresses Condolence for the Deaths of Four APC Stalwarts

1 February
The cold hands of death gripped a number of APC stalwarts over the last couple of weeks. On the behalf of the APC Australia Branch, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolence to the families and friends at home and abroad, and members of APC Party for the loss of Honourable Dr I.M. Fofana, Honourable Abdul Serry-Kamal, Honourable Mohamed Suffian Kargbo,and Honourable Ben Kanu all of the APC Party who had followed the road of our ancestors recently. Surely these political gurus (...)

Sierra Leone: A Presidential aspirant with a difference

31 January
It looks like the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections are going to be highly competitive with all sorts of people getting ready to replace Ernest Koroma even though the elections themselves are about four years away in the future. The latest presidential aspirant brought to our notice is one Mr. Kanu, living and working in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Kanu actually started his political career in 2012 when the vidoe clip below was recorded but he did not contest in that election but it (...)

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Dispelling the Ebola Myths and Misinformation: Citizens’ Responsibilities

By Alhassan Fouard Kanu, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ebola can be best described as an ‘exterminator’, a disease that is wasting away families and decimating communities. Because of its (...)


Sierra Leonean Women and the Ebola Pandemc

By Zainab Tunkara Clarkson.* As the dreaded ebola virus disease (EVD) ravages across West Africa with a vengeance, afflicting young and old with merciless impunity, it is unfortunate to note that (...)