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Sierra Leone:Third Term Rumour Gains Momentum

2014-04-22 20:05:42

When current Transport Minister Balogun (Logus) Koroma floated the idea of a third term for President Koroma not too long ago, a lot of people did not take him seriously although it caused some uproar within and outside the government. Indeed the office of the President sent out a press release vehemently denying the rumour. Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution stipulates only two terms for a President. But the rumour has refused to go away; in fact it has become more strident lately (...)Read the full story »

"We Are Sure of Victory this Time"—PMDC Scribe

by Gibril Koroma - 15 March 2007
Ansu Lansana, Secretary General of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC)told the Patriotic Vanguard recently that his party is sure of victory this time as it takes Vice President Solomon Berewa to the Supreme Court over the constitutional issue of whether he(Berewa) can be Vice President and presidential candidate of his party at the same time. PMDC,it will be recalled, challenged the Vice President on the same issue last year by taking the matter to the Political (...)

Developing Indigenous Languages in Sierra Leone.

14 March 2007
Commentary By Dr. Abou Bai-Sheka, Vancouver,Canada. Background Information The advent of the 6-3-3-4 implementation date has seen the introduction of four of our indigenous languages in our schools’ curriculum but not without considerable skepticism from some educationists, parents and senior citizens. The fact remains however that for the first time, status, integrity and recognition are being given to our local languages and the yoke of inferiority and (...)

Sierra Leone: Talk Show to promote accountability

13 March 2007
PRESS RELEASE The National Communications Strategy Project (NCSP) in Sierra Leone has launched a weekly radio talk show, “Development Dialogue”, on UN Radio FM 103. The hour-long interactive programme airs live every Friday at 2:30PM and a repeat broadcast at 11:00PM. The central aim of that platform is promoting stewardship and accountability among policy makers and political leaders to the citizenry of Sierra Leone. The debut programme (23 February) attempted to draw a nexus (...)

PPRC Commissioner calls for effective voter education

12 March 2007
By Alpha Rashid Jalloh,Freetown. Justice Sidney Warne, the newly appointed Commissioner of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) in Sierra Leone has said that voters need to know the electoral rules and to follow them. Speaking during a six -day workshop recently held at Kimbima Hotel west of the capital Freetown , on training of trainers, he said in order to achieve effective voter education , trainers should educate the masses. He said as the election was now so (...)

Japan Donates US$2.8 Million to Elections

10 March 2007
The Government of Japan has announced a US$2.8 million contribution to the 2007 Elections in Sierra Leone. This contribution from the people of Japan will support the National Elections Commission (NEC) in their organisation of the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, scheduled to take place on 28 July, 2007. The purchase of vital materials for the smooth operation of voting on polling day and the construction of a warehouse at the new NEC headquarters, are just two areas the Japanese (...)

Sierra Leone Sets “Gold Standard” in Maintaining Peace

10 March 2007
A top United Nations official said during a press briefing at UNIOSIL headquarters (in Freetown) on the new United Nations peacebuilding architecture that Sierra Leone has set an example in maintaining peace. And that is after over a decade long conflict that left an estimated 50,000 people dead and thousands maimed. The Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support, Ms. Carolyn McAskie, told a room-full of local journalists and international correspondents that “the war has (...)

APC Court Cases: Fear of Violence Escalates

9 March 2007
By Alpha R. Jalloh, Vanguard Freetown Bureau Chief. There has been increasing fear in Sierra Leone that a late judgement in the case between dissidents and the leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) Ernest Bai Koroma(photo) might spark off violence as the date for the country’s parliamentary and presidential elections draws near. Dissidents that mainly include lawyer Serry Kamal, Mohamed Bangura and others have been engaged in several litigations against Bai Koroma (...)

Exile: Sierra Leonean Journalists in Australia

9 March 2007
By Anthony B. Conteh (Tony Bee), Vanguard Sydney (Australia) Correspondent. Edison Yongai(photo), Interim Chairman of the Association of Sierra Leonean Journalists in Exile (Australia) says he was the Editor of one of the country’s local newspapers, The Point, which started publication in 1996. He says the war brought him to Australia because of his journalistic role in exposing corrupt politicians and the odds of the war. In other words there was no freedom of speech and (...)

International Women’s Day: UN Slams FGM

8 March 2007
Press Release Freetown, Sierra Leone, 8 March 2007 --- The United Nations in Sierra Leone takes the opportunity of the International Women’s Day, to call for an end to the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), early and forced marriages, and all harmful traditional practices against women and children. As part of the efforts towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, particularly those of improving maternal health and promoting gender equality, the UN considers (...)

Body of Sam Hinga Norman Handed Over to Family

7 March 2007
According to a press release received today from the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the body of Sam Hinga Norman was handed over to family members today after being returned to Sierra Leone from Dakar, Senegal. Mr. Norman’s body was flown by helicopter from Lungi International Airport to the United Nations headquarters in Freetown, arriving just before 1:00 p.m. In a brief but solemn ceremony, Special Court Registrar Lovemore Munlo, SC and a representative of the family signed a (...)

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