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Ernest’s Ebola War Shouldn’t be like ‘Kabbah’s RUF War

2014-07-23 17:53:07

Opinion By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Sierra Leonean-oriented FACEBOOK cyber pages are lively social media spaces where people post photos of their social and family life (how beautiful or handsome they are; how rich, academically and professionally successful...or widely travelled they are...); but, sometimes, they can be SLPP-vs-APC partisan ‘war zones’. With the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Liberia recently, and fear that the Ebola virus could filter into (...)Read the full story »

Press Release from PMDC-Netherlands

17 April 2007
Press Release: PMDC Presidential Running Mate: Dr. Tejan-Jalloh The Executive and members of the PMDC Netherlands Chapter, wish to congratulate Dr. Ibrahim I Tejan-Jalloh upon his appointment as the PMDC presidential running mate for the July 28th general elections. We have no doubt that Dr Tejan-Jalloh is a great appointment with the guidance of God for the benefit of PMDC and Sierra Leoneans in general. We also want to thank our leader, Mr. Charles Francis Margai, whom among many (...)

40th Day Ceremony

14 April 2007
Dear all, I am pleased to invite you to the 40th day ceremony in memory of my late elder brother, Umarr Bayraytay(photo), who passed away in Freetown, Sierra Leone on March 4th, 2007. The event will be to offer prayers in honour of Umarr so that God Almighty can grant him mercy. It will take place at 105 Dolores Road in North York (Jane and Wilson) on Sunday, April 15th at 2:00pm. Please feel free to call 416-248-6324, 647-436-7270, 647-219-7121, 416-320-3376 or 647-219-7121 for further (...)

PMDC-USA Welcomes Dr. Ibrahim Tejan-Jalloh

13 April 2007
Press Release. Date: April 12, 2007 The General Assembly and the National Executive Council (NEC) of PMDC-USA, extend profound congratulations to Mr. Charles F. Margai, leader and presidential candidate and his newly appointed running mate, Dr. Ibrahim I. Tejan-Jalloh(photo) of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC). Charles Francis Margai has demonstrated insightful leadership in the appointment of Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh. Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh’s background (...)

200,000 Homes for Sierra Leone

13 April 2007
Public Statement Fellow Sierra Leoneans: We are anxious country men and women determined to make a significant contribution to the rebuilding and revitalization of our beloved country. Our company, Trade, Intercontinental Development Enterprises/Services (TIDES) a Delaware Corporation, plans to build homes in three master planned communities in the northern, eastern and southern provinces of the country (in the Mile 47/River Rokel axis - (Port Loko-North); the splendid Sulima Beach (...)

Dual Citizenship becomes effective in Sierra Leone

11 April 2007
Sierra Leone Network Media Release. Contact: Dr. Michel Sho-Sawyer Director of Public Relations The Sierra Leone Network E-Mail: Sierra Leone’s President recently signed the Dual Citizenship bill into law. This bill allows Sierra Leoneans who have acquired the citizenship of another country to retain or reinstate their Sierra Leonean citizenship. The parliament of Sierra Leone passed the amendments to the 1973 Citizenship Act in November 2006, (...)

YSLI’s Great Maryland Banquet

9 April 2007
The Maryland Chapter of Youth for Sierra Leone Improvement (YSLI) had their first annual banquet in Silver Springs, MD on Saturday March 31st. It was overall a great success for both the attendees and the organizers. The theme for this banquet was “Footsteps to Achievement,” with making a difference in education and democratic awareness through Sierra Leone youths as a sub-theme. The event was attended by who is who in the community to support such vibrant youth movement. The (...)

Aureol Crisis: FBC Lecturers on the warpath

8 April 2007
By Abu B. Shaw. The imbroglio currently brewing between lecturers and the authorities of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, is seemingly far from over. Fourah Bay College students, the innocent victims of the fracas, have lost count of the number of times the university authorities have promised the lecturers to resolve the financial and other problems that refused to go away at the university. The lecturers, represented by the Academic Staff Association (ASA) of FBC, have (...)

Tribute to a fallen Comrade

6 April 2007
By Komkanda Bangura. Mohamed Pateh Barrie, former teacher at the School of International Studies at Meadowbrook, VA, was laid to rest on March 31, 2007 at the Rasheed Family Islamic Cemetary, Suffolk, Virginia. Barrie had a tragic car accident in the early hours of Saturday March 17, 2007, as he was driving home. His body was discovered a week later, 100 ft from the scene of the accident. He was reported missing on March 18, 2007. Barrie was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, (...)

Fear Grips SLPP as APC Re-Unites

by Gibril Koroma - 6 April 2007
According to usually very reliable sources in Freetown,fear has gripped the top leadership of the ruling SLPP after the official announcement this week by APC Secretary General Victor Foh that peace has now returned to his party which, translated, means all court cases pending between APC members are now null and void. This also means former litigants like Mohamed Bangura, Serry Kamal and Eddie Turay are now firmly back in the APC fold, ready to help galvanise the masses in favour of their (...)

Sierra Leone: Problems with Voter Registration Figures Highlighted.

5 April 2007
The recent release of the voter registration figures by Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission has expectedly provoked intense scrutiny and comments from Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. One of these commentators is Mr. Olu Beckley, who resides in Virginia, USA. Mr. Beckley has noted a lot of flaws in the report submitted for public consumption by NEC and wonders whether somebody somewhere is not trying to play games with the destiny of the people of Sierra Leone. We publish (...)

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Welcome to the Free Town

by Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief

The mountainous city of Freetown is not only the capital of the coastal West African State of Sierra Leone but is also the seat of government. It is a common saying among the residents that the (...)


Solidarity is a Pillar for Press Freedom

by Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief

Journalists in Sierra Leone would only meaningfully enjoy the freedom they are yearning for when there is solidarity among them. The incessant press wars, manifestation of malevolence and (...)