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Sierra Leone:Third Term Rumour Gains Momentum

2014-04-22 20:05:42

When current Transport Minister Balogun (Logus) Koroma floated the idea of a third term for President Koroma not too long ago, a lot of people did not take him seriously although it caused some uproar within and outside the government. Indeed the office of the President sent out a press release vehemently denying the rumour. Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution stipulates only two terms for a President. But the rumour has refused to go away; in fact it has become more strident lately (...)Read the full story »

Vanguard Features Editor Bags Prestigious Scholarship

23 April 2007
By Abdulai Bayraytay in Toronto, Canada. The Features Editor of the Vancouver-based Sierra Leone News Portal, The Patriotic Vanguard, Zubairu Wai (simply called Zuba by his peers) has been awarded the Canadian province of Ontario’s prestigious scholarship, the Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) for the 2007/2008 academic years. This information was disclosed in a letter dated April 5th, 2007 in which Dr. P. Van Lieshout, the chairman of OGS’ Selection Board congratulated (...)

Choosing a Running Mate: Rights, Expectations and Decisive Leadership(Part I)

22 April 2007
Commentary By Morie Mussaffa,New Jersey,USA. There had been some grumbling by some people both inside and outside the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) party, about the most recent selection of Dr. I. I. Tejan Jalloh by the leader and Presidential candidate, Mr. Charles Francis Margai to be his running mate. This is perfectly understandable and acceptable especially when, in the realm of modern political dynamics, rights, expectations and decision making can (...)

Building Homes, SHELTERing Lives: Transforming a Nation

21 April 2007
Ezeulu: “I want one of my sons to join these people and be my eye there. If there is nothing in it you will come back. But if there is something there you will bring home my share. The world is like a Mask dancing. If you want to see it well you do not stand in one place. My spirit tells me that those who do not befriend the white man today will be saying ’had we known’ tomorrow." (Chinua Achebe, Arrow of God, 45-46). 1. Executive Summary Introduction This project to (...)

IFAD intensifies fight against rural poverty

20 April 2007
The Executive Board of IFAD approved US$63.5 million in loans and US$59.2 million in grants to fight rural poverty in eight developing countries: Burundi, Cambodia, Comoros, Ethiopia, Kenya, Paraguay, Sierra Leone and Syria according to a press release from the organization issued today. The Board met at IFAD’s headquarters in Rome on 17-18 April. The grants include US$9.5 million to seven international centres that conduct agricultural research, and provide training and technical (...)

Sierra Leone: Hallowell is JHR Country Director

19 April 2007
By Alicia Filipowich. With the aim of creating change without creating dependency, Journalists for Human Rights’ (JHR) expansion in Sierra Leone is now a reality. Late last year, JHR was awarded funding for the frist two years of its five-year program by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The program began April 1. The Sierra Leonean program will be similar to JHR’s inaugural project in Ghana, which will be ending next year in accordance with JHR’s (...)


19 April 2007
By David Keili. My brother, Christian Katta Keili passed away in Freetown yesterday and part of me died with him. He leaves behind many friends and relatives, some of whom participate in this forum. So, acknowledging/announcing his death here is to share our collective grief. He went away much too soon and left behind a fathomless void. I had talked with him over the past few weeks, while he was in a private clinic in Freetown. He seemed to be in high spirits the last time we talked, (...)

On Sierra Leone’s Prospective Stock Market

18 April 2007
Commentary By John Mannah, Maryland,USA. I was filled with great excitement on the one hand and a dim sense of disappointment on the other, when I read in the Friday March 12th edition of the Awareness Times web site an article captioned “ Sierra Leone’s APC prove tough in Parliament”. According to the article, the Hon. Joe Kallon, deputy Minister of finance deputizing for his boss had tabled a bill titled; Financial Services Amendment Act 2007, a portion of which (...)

Thanks for Sympathy

17 April 2007
By Abdulai Bayraytay, Patriotic Vanguard Deputy Editor, Toronto On behalf of the Bayraytay family,( at home and abroad), we extend our profound gratitude and sincere appreciation to you all for your invaluable support and prayers during the period of the loss of our brother Umarr L. Bayraytay who passed away in Freetown on March 4th this year. May his soul rest in perfect peace and may light perpetual shine upon him! Thank you and May God bless you all. Death Be Not Proud (...)

Sierra Leone: Peter Tucker Commission Ignites Controversy.

by Gibril Koroma - 17 April 2007
The Peter Tucker Constitutional Review Commission has been thrown into the spotlight recently when it made some controversial recommendations that have far-reaching consequences for the future of Sierra Leone. The recommendations which need the approval of the country’s parliament and the people of Sierra Leone (via referendum) allegedly suggested, among other things, that Sierra Leoneans of Lebanese descent should be eligible to be appointed for all public offices except the (...)

Thanks and Appreciation from the Suma Family

17 April 2007
Ladies and gentlemen friends and well wishers, The official mourning period for our dear Alhaji Musa Khalil Suma is over but our love and memory of him shall never fade. On behalf of the entire SUMA family at home and abroad, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those who supported us during this genuine moment of grief. After the loss of a loved one, friends and relatives usually respond by expressing their sympathy, sending flowers, condolence cards, meals, money and other (...)

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Sundry Matters

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher

The Law School Imbroglio I have been watching and observing the Law School mess developing and escalating with some amusement. It shows that some members of the so-called "noble" profession are (...)


Comparing South Africa and Nigeria

By Mekki Elmograbi, Sudan. It is widely well known that the economy of South Africa is the strongest among African economies but some economists say that Nigeria, "not South Africa", is the (...)