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NOSLINA elects Dr. John Davies-Cole Chairman of the Board

2014-10-19 21:52:09

Sent by Kwame Fitzjohn, Washington DC, USA.
The National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA) wishes to announce it has elected Disease expert Dr. John Davies-Cole (pictured) to succeed Mr. Minkailu Jalloh, an IBM engineer of 25 years standing, as the Chairman of the Board for the 2014-16 term.
At the completion of the Election this month, Mr. Mohamed Barrie, Sierra Leone Honorary Consul of New England States and NOSLINA Board Member aptly remarked, "Sierra Leone and (...)

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Seven Firemen in court for murder of Manager

7 June 2007

By Jonathan Leigh.
Preliminary court proceedings into the death of John
Samuel Ojeah, Distribution Manager of the Guma Valley
Water Company started Tuesday at the Freetown
Magistrate Court No.1 with seven employees of the
National Fire Force appearing on charges of assault
and murder.
Thaimu Sesay is charged with assault whilst Gibrilla
Dumbuya , Mohamed Tarawalie, Mohamed Kamara, Philip
Thomas, Ibrahim Garba and George Smith are charged
with murder.
Director of Public (...)

PMDC, SLPP matter adjourned indefinitely

7 June 2007

By Jonathan Leigh, Freetown.
A five man panel of Judges sitting at the Supreme Court in Freetown on Tuesday adjourned sine die the matter in which the opposition People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) is challenging the eligibility of Vice President Solomon Berewa as leader of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).
Charles Margai, Leader of the PMDC opened the legal argument on behalf of the appellant maintaining that the election of Mr. Berewa as leader of the SLPP (...)

Mano River Bridge Opens Thursday

7 June 2007

By Jonathan Leigh,Freetown.
The Mano River Bridge, a vital trade link between Liberia and Sierra Leone will be officially re-opened on Thursday at Jendema, Pujehun District. It serves as a link for economic activities between the two countries.
Created in 1973 following an agreement signed by then Presidents Siaka Stevens of Sierra Leone, Sekou Toure of Guinea and William Tolbert of Liberia, it was aimed at establishing closer economic cooperation in the Mano River Union Basin, by (...)

Kingtom Dumpsite Upgraded

7 June 2007

The handing-over ceremony of the Kingtom Dumpsite and Sewage Pond Rehabilitation(photo) to contractors took place at Kingtom, Freetown on Tuesday, 5 June 2007. Stakeholders responsible for the project who attended the ceremony included the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UK Department for International Development (DfID), Freetown City Council and GTZ.
UNDP, who is responsible for managing the ‘Transitional Solid Waste Disposal Scheme’, has received 150,000 (...)

SA media group meets Sierra Leone business leaders

6 June 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay.
Officials of South African based media group, Business in Africa, arrived Tuesday this week in Freetown to invite Sierra Leonean business leaders to the 5th African Business Leaders forum.
According to a press release, this year’s forum which, takes place outside South Africa for the first time will be hosted in Ghana from October 17-19, 2007 in collaboration with the government of Ghana and Business & Financial Times, a local business newspaper. The forum (...)

APC secures SLPP big fish

6 June 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay,Freetown.
Two big names in the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) last Tuesday declared for the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) at an impressive ceremony at the party’s headquarters, Marine House, Hannah Benka Coker Street.
SLPP Member of Parliament, Niniyama, Kono District, Hon. Augustine Torto and former Public Relations Officer, SLPP Kono Branch, Bockarie Kondeh, were both decorated with party ID cards by the party’s leader, (...)

PMDC Goes To Supreme Court

6 June 2007

By Theophilus S. Gbenda, Freetown
The long awaited court hearing involving the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), came up this morning (Tuesday) at the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone.
It could be recalled that sometime last year, the PMDC filed a Petition to the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), questioning the eligibility of Solomon Ekuma Berewa to be elected Leader and Presidential Candidate of the SLPP (...)

Prince Harding, Two Others Suspended

5 June 2007

By Jonathan Leigh, Freetown.
Sierra Leone’s Transport minister Prince Harding, the Director of Civil Aviation and
his deputy have been suspended from duty by president Kabbah pending investigations into last Sunday’s helicopter crash incident.
President Kabbah took the decision few hours after
returning home from Libya. His arrival back home
coincided with the arrival also here of the Togolese
government delegation which accompanied the rest of
their delegation back (...)

Helicopter Crash: Togolese Pathologist Heads for Freetown

5 June 2007

By Jonathan Leigh in Freetown.
Events seem to be moving fast since the tragedy on Sunday night at the Freetown international airport in which a helicopter crashed killing 21 including 18 Togolese who were part of a delegation for an African Nations Cup qualifier.
On Monday morning, a four man delegation made up of the Togolese Ministers of Health, Presidential Affairs and Information respectively, and the President of that country’s National Olympic Committee arrived in Freetown to (...)

Drama at the Hague: Khan Versus Sebutinde

5 June 2007

By Teddy Foday-Musa, at the Hague.
The Charles Taylor trial at the Hague started in a dramatic fashion yesterday with Taylor himself refusing to make an appearance but sending his lawyer to say he has lost confidence in the court in a way reminiscent of the late Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic who also raved and ranted in similar circumstances.
But the disappointment of the media over the Taylor no-show was partly relieved by the sparring match between Mr.Karim Ahmad Asad Kahn, (...)

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