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Syrian Rebels Execute Sierra Leonean Immigrant

By Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief - Thursday 19 September 2013.

Amidst reports of use of chemical weapons and atrocities committed by the warring factions, one Sierra Leonean, Sheikh Mohamed Canan Bah (photo) has been captured and tortured to death by the Free Syria Army that has staged a rebellion against the government of President Assad.

Even though no reason has been proffered by the rebel faction for the capture and execution of the Sierra Leonean, reports generally indicate that such dispositions have been usually manifested against foreigners in the country, a situation akin to what happened to blacks in Libya during the rebellion against Muhamar Al Gaddafi.

A representative of the Sierra Leone Students Union in Syria, now residing in the capital Freetown, Sheikh Uthman Thurlib Bah says Sheikh Mohamed Canan Bah was electrocuted to death with an electric iron. He says the corpse could not be reclaimed but relatives of the late Mr. Bah have been informed in Freetown. He claims that he has been monitoring the situation in Syria through his other colleagues who have been trapped in the war- torn country.

According to him, thirty Sierra Leoneans are still in Syria while sixty-three have returned home. He says those still trapped in the country include ; Kabineh Sheriff , Musa Mariega, Hassan Kemoh, Osman, Ibrahim Bindi, Alie Sam Kpakra, Soufian Lahai, Sallieu Bawoh and Osman Kanneh. “Most of them are living there with their families”, he says. Asked by this correspondent why they have not sought ways to return home, he says they are expected to be evacuated by the Sierra Leone Embassy in Saudi Arabia which has not done so. He adds: “Also, many are skeptical in returning home because their homes in the provinces might not even exist again after the rebel war in Sierra Leone and they are also pessimistic that struggling relatives in Sierra Leone would be able to take care of them and their families”.

Sheilkh Thurlib Bah says as representatives of the Union in Syria he and Brother Gibril Kargbo have written letters to President Ernest Koroma,one was sent through Sullay Daramy at State House while a copy was sent though Chernoh Maju Bah commonly called Cherry Cocoa who is the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, but no reply has been received.

“We want to apprise the president on current events, the plight of our colleagues in Syria and what assistance that would be appropriately given to them” says Bah, who stresses that they are anxiously awaiting a reply to their letter.

Reports state that the relatives of those trapped in Syria a deeply worried and expect action to be taken soon.