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NOSLINA Call For Award Nominations

 - Wednesday 22 February 2012.

The National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA) seeks nominations of individuals and groups to receive the organization¹s premier annual awards for significant contributions towards the advancement of Sierra Leoneans in North America and beyond. Awards will be made in the following categories:


This is the organization’s highest award and is made in recognition of exceptional work that has significantly contributed to the peace, development, and stability of Sierra Leone while advancing the well being of Sierra Leoneans both at home and in North America. Results of those efforts should have been evident within the past 5 years and should include documented support of accomplishments. Nominations of individuals and groups are welcome.


This special award recognizes Sierra Leoneans who are active in business in the United States. NOSLINA proposes to recognize innovation and creativity in a business enterprise that has shown measurable and demonstrable success in supporting the resource needs of Sierra Leoneans and their communities. Results of success should reflect a correlation between business growth and involvement in the Sierra Leone community in North America. Only individuals may receive awards in this category.

The NOSLINA COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD (3 awards in this category).

This award recognizes groups/organizations that have actively engaged their members in building and sustaining a viable network to advance their Sierra Leone heritage and by so doing strengthening the Sierra Leone Community through cultural activities, alumni relations, professional networks, and community building. Recipients should have substantial success in promoting interconnectedness among their members and in outreach to Sierra Leoneans and their friends in North America. Only organizations are eligible for awards in this category although successful organizations will be asked to designate an officer to receive the award at the presentation ceremony.


This award is given in recognition of outstanding contribution to poverty reduction, national reconstruction and rehabilitation, and supply of educational and health resources in ways that have improved access and service to groups of needy, impoverished Sierra Leoneans at home.Awards will be presented to the successful nominees in all four award categories at the NOSLINA Annual celebration of Sierra Leone’s Independence Anniversary Dance and Awards Banquet. Award recipients will also be featured on the NOSLINA website and various publications of the organization.

Nominations should be addressed to: Mr. Melbourne Garbar, Chair, NOSLINA Board of Directors, and sent electronically to no later than Friday, February 29, 2012.

Nomination letters should not exceed one full page. In your letter, please specify the award category, name of nominee, a description of the nominee’s accomplishments, and contact information for the nominee. Self Nominations are acceptable.The NOSLINA Board of Directors believes that our interconnectedness is strengthened when we recognize our accomplishments and celebrate our heritage. Together we can work to realize this vision. Your nominations are valuable to us! Your strong support and participation is strongly encouraged.

Thank You

Issued by the NOSLINA Board of Directors

Melbourne Garber, Chair, NOSLINA Board of Directors.

Video credit: Leoneclub.

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