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Special Court Outreach Mission to Liberia

24 April 2007 at 13:57 | 255 views

According to a Special Court press alert issued yesterday, a high-level mission from the Special Court will visit the Liberian capital Monrovia on April 25-26. The mission will be led by Acting Registrar Herman von Hebel(photo) and will include Prosecutor Stephen Rapp, Principal Defender Vincent O. Nmehielle, and other Special Court officials.

The mission, which is being arranged with the assistance of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) pursuant to Security Council Res. 1750, will include high-level meetings with Liberian and United Nations officials, a town hall meeting, visits to William V.S. Tubman High School and the University of Liberia, and a meeting with members of Liberian Civil Society.

The acting Registrar, the Prosecutor, and the Principal Defender will provide updates on the work of the Court and the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor at The Hague. They will also answer questions and make clarifications of easily avoidable misunderstandings.

The mission is in line with the Security Council’s call (Res. 1688) for the Special Court “to make the trial proceedings accessible to the people of the subregion”. It is the first visit by Special Court officials to Liberia since 2004, and the first since Mr. Taylor was turned over to the custody of the Special Court.

A press conference by the Acting Registrar is scheduled for 25 April at 3:30pm at the UNMIL Media Centre. The Prosecutor and the Principal Defender will be also present to respond to questions from journalists.