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Special Court: Judges Deliberate on Kabbah Subpoena

By  | 7 March 2006 at 07:53 | 606 views

Many Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are now eagerly awaiting the decision of the judges of the Special Court over the subpoena by Chief Hinga Norman and Moinina Fofanah on President Kabbah to appear before the court.

Arguments and counter-arguments by the prosecution and the defence have been presented, it’s now left entirely to the judges. Below is a point by point narration of events by a very reliable source in Freetown:

15 December - Fofana motion for issuance of subpoena.
16 December - Norman motion.

13 January - Prosecution response.

16 January - Norman reply (to prosecution response)
18 January - Fofana reply (to prosecution response)
17 January - Request by Attorney-General to intervene

18 January - Letter from the Attorney-General

19 January - Order that AG should present written arguments by January 26,
and that defence should respond by 31 January.

23 January - Materials filed by the AG

26 January - Fofana response to AG
30 January - Norman response to AG

Oral arguments took place before Trial Chamber I on 14 February. The Defence, Prosecution and Attorney-General all took part.

It is now before the judges. There is no date scheduled for a decision. The
most recent session of the CDF accused trial ended on the 23rd of January
and now we are hearing testimony in the RUF accused case. The CDF accused case resumes on 2 May.

Photo: Kabbah, would he appear?