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SL Government official killed over water.

1 June 2007 at 21:44 | 489 views

By Alpha R. Jalloh, Vanguard Freetown Bureau Chief.

A senior engineer of the Guma Valley Water Company has lost his life today after a scuffle with fire fighters for water drawn from a street hydrant which he suspected was about to be sold to homes in the west of the capital Freetown.

Guma valley is the water supplying agency of the government and has been unable to provide water to the growing population of Freetown which has caused many homes to be buying water from either fire fighters or the Guma Valley Water Company itself.

Reports say the distribution manager Mr. Tony Ogie of Guma Valley Water Company was driving along King Harman Road, west of the capital Freetown, when he saw fire fighters filling their vehicle tank from a hydrant. He asked them whether there was any fire anywhere near to which they replied in the negative. Eyewitnesses say he ordered them to stop and close the hydrant again, which apparently made them furious. They allegedly attacked the manager so ferociously that he died during the scuffle.

The incident evoked anger from workers of Guma Valley Water Company, who went about the streets locking all hydrants to prevent water supply into homes in the rest of the capital. Guma workers have threatened to continue the strike till justice is done to their killed manager.

A worker who simply called himself Mr. Sesay says, “This case will not die like that of Harry Yansaneh or Kenneth Moore. We will pursue it to the end”.

Harry Yansaneh, former editor of ‘For Di People’ newspaper died after he was brutally attacked by three youths in the presence of Fatmata Hassan, a member of parliament of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party. The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists has vigorously pursued the matter but there has been no conclusion of the matter nor has there been any positive steps to extradite the two sons of Fatmata Hassan from London who allegedly attacked Harry Yansaneh.

Kenneth more was a senior Lands official who was killed by an angry mob during a house demolition exercise in the west of Freetown. The Ministry of Lands at the time was demolishing houses, which it claimed where illegally constructed. The exercise met with stiff resistance in some parts of the country and had to be halted after the killing of Kennth Moore.