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Sierra Unite Celebrates JUNE 16

24 June 2007 at 09:47 | 219 views

By Tony Bee Conteh,Sydney, Australia.

Sierra Unite Association is one of the Sierra Leonean community in Australia’s social organizations that mainly focuses on the children and youth in Sydney, Australia.

The organization celebrated the Day of African Child in NSW with colourful programs to grace the sad event in which children were killed in South Africa. A day that was set aside by the Organization for African Unity (OAU), now African Union (AU) in memory of the thousands of South African children killed during a peaceful demonstration in the days of the Apartheid regime in 1976.

Some of the program highlights were a play entitled “The Youth Are Not To Blame” written by Anthony B. Conteh known as Tony Bee, produced and directed by Sydney Hill and Tubaka Kanu, “Refugee Double Trauma” written by Mr. Alex James, produced and directed by Mr. Murray Kanneh, Soweto Children Massacre, Cry Freetown documentaries and a cultural dance troop.

Hon. Laurie Ferguson, Shadow Minister for Cultural Affairs and Consumers, NSW MP was the guest speaker of the occasion.

In his opening remarks, he thanked members of Sierra Unite and the Sierra Leone community for their relentless efforts in developing the community in NSW, especially in developing the talents of the youth in the Sierra Leone community.

“I am always willing to assist the Sierra Leone community when the need arises and ready to attend any community functions when called upon because I love a progressive community like the Sierra Leone community,” says Hon. Ferguson.

Ferguson said it is always good to bring all Sierra Leoneans together as a family, although the day being celebrated was a very sad day for the children of South Africa and the world, particularly for the African children. He said, that he hoped such tragic events would never take place again in any part of the world in human history.

Mr. Murray Kanneh, the Chairman of the association described Hon Ferguson as a man full of human dignity and love for the human race. “Mr Minister, you are welcome to Sierra Unite June 16 celebration,” he added.

Mr. Anthony B. Conteh, in his vote of thanks, appealed to Hon. Ferguson and his government to give more community developmental support programs to the Sierra Leone community, especially for the community youth development program which will help to develop tomorrow’s leaders.