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Sierra Leoneans ready to do battle with alleged con man.

By  | 9 July 2007 at 21:49 | 1298 views

The Patriotic Vanguard has been receiving, in the last couple of days, many phone calls from Sierra Leoneans resident in the Washington Metropolitan Area and other parts of the United States complaining about Ibrahim Deen, an alleged con man posing as a business man.

Deen, a former US branch treasurer of one of the political parties in Sierra Leone is alleged to be operating an illegal and fraudulent money transfer business under the name of MYSTIQUE. He is also said to use the name of a credible money transfer business called Afro International to entrap and dupe his victims who hand over large sums of money to him to send to relatives back home only for him to use the money for his own purposes.

The FBI, it is further alleged, recently arrested him for operating an unregistered and illegal business. The case will come up soon on Thursday July 26 at a court in Alexandria. A representative of the Vanguard will be there to cover the trial.

Deen, who has so far failed to return our calls, is alleged to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from this scam and has invested most of his loot in Sierra Leone where he owns many properties.

We managed to to talk to Ishmael Koroma, one of Ibrahim Deen’s friends and a former school mate at the Kenema Secondary School in eastern Sierra Leone.

Ishmael said he he had heard of rumours that Ibrahim had embezzled some people’s money and that one of these people is a lady called Mamusu.

"But you know, there are a lot of rumours among Sierra Leoneans in the US, so I cannot say whether the rumours are true or not. What I know is he has a case in court which is coming up soon", Koroma said. He added that he had done business with Ibrahim before without any problems.

Deen’s alleged victims say he has been threatening some of them with all sorts of things but they say they are ready to do battle with him to recover their money.

"We will be in court in Alexandria on Thursday July 26 to expose this criminal to the American government and the rest of the world", they threatened.

The Vanguard will follow this matter closely and will bring new developments to your attention. Keep reading the Vanguard.