From the Editor’s Keyboard

Sierra Leone Universities: Time to think outside the box

25 January 2021 at 16:53 | 781 views

Strikes by university lecturers in Sierra Leone and other African countries are no longer news. They occur so often that some people now see them as something to expect almost every year.

However, some people see university lecturers in Sierra Leone as a privileged class with salaries that are above the norm and think they should therefore not be complain in a country where most of the citizens cannot even earn one American dollar a day.

Others see our lecturers as a pathetic bunch that do not enjoy the salaries and facilities available to their counterparts with the same training and education in developed countries. Indeed, a janitor in a country like Canada makes more money annually than a lecturer in Sierra Leone. Moreover, some of the students taught by these lecturers go on to make more money than them once they graduate and start working. It is indeed a terrible situation.

What should be done? We believe government and university authorities should sit down and find lasting solutions to this perennial problem. Not another commission of enquiry or study, because many have been done in the past but a professional look at what is happening in universities in the developed world with regards to funding by the government and, most importantly, the private sector.

It’s now time to start thinking outside the box. We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different outcomes.