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Sierra Leone Network press release

18 October 2008 at 04:28 | 541 views

Online social friends and family can now “network and keep in touch while being entertained” at and with the SaloneNetwork Toolbar - a communication and entertainment toolbar with personality so fun-loving that “toolbar” alone just didn’t fit as a description. Launched in April 2008 in beta and rapidly growing, ( is a unique social networking experience delivering a vast collection of interactive communication tools, Internet radio, single and multi-player games, live video and voice chat worldwide, and WebTV for free. Social networking coupled with great entertainment was never so fun or easy!

SaloneNetwork Toolbar is the next advancement in Internet browser entertainment. Unlike any toolbar in the marketplace, SaloneNetwork Toolbar delivers a unique experience combining the ease of use of a toolbar and flexible, intuitive design of, a destination social networking and entertainment Web site for Africa. is just the first of many social network and entertainment channels planned for release under the SaloneNetwork brand name.

“SaloneNetwork Toolbar is integrated with, and it allows our toolbar users the ability to view the same WebTV channels as our online members and chat with them in real-time while they’re on other Web sites,” said Andre Tijani, Jr., Founder and Chief Executive Officer at SaloneNetwork. “We have integrated games, premium WebTV channels, Internet radio stations and made them available at the Web site and through the customizable SaloneNetwork Toolbar. The end result is a unique social networking and entertainment experience that’s ready for you whenever you want - or need - to network with your social friends or family.”

At the top of SaloneNetwork’s list of unique features is the SaloneNetwork Toolbar. It’s easy for anyone to select their favorite games or WebTV channel for viewing. Those games or channels can then be played or viewed right from the toolbar’s Play Window with group chat room capability, at any time and from any location while the user is on the Internet. The same games and WebTV channels can also be accessed at the Web site. In addition, the SaloneNetwork Toolbar contains a radio player with over 100 Internet radio stations, plus one-click access to full-length streaming movies and On-Demand program library for viewing anytime.

All tools and member services are free upon registration or installation of the SaloneNetwork Toolbar. In addition to the toolbar full access to and unique, customizable features, the toolbar also includes a valuable search engine powered by Google. SaloneNetwork Toolbar software does not collect personally identifiable information and we adhere to industry best practices for consumer notice, consent and control. Learn more about SaloneNetwork’s Best Practices at “”. Visit and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

About SaloneNetwork
SaloneNetwork owns SaloneNetwork Toolbar and - an online international community that connects members with their family, friends and classmates worldwide. Upon joining, you will have access to communication tools and entertainment programs. is for everyone, a simple and effective way to meet and network with members worldwide. It’s easy, it’s fun and totally FREE.