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Sierra Leone-Gullah Connection

3 July 2007 at 16:40 | 711 views

Children of Sierra Leoneans Overseas (COSLO) in collaboration with the Sierra Leonean Gullah Heritage Association (SLGHA) and the Sierra Leone Network (SLN) will hold a workshop on Saturday 11th August at Gude lake avenue in Maryland, USA.

Professor Joseph Opala(photo)an American historian and anthropologist at St James Madison University in Virginia will give a talk on the Sierra Leonean- Gullah connection.

According to COSLO coordinator, Adelaide Wilson, participants will learn about the historical connection between the Gullah people of South Carolina and Georgia and the people of Sierra Leone in West Africa.

Because of their geographical isolation and established cultural life, the Gullah have maintained their African cultural heritage and they speak a Creole language similar to Sierra Leone krio, use African names, tell African folktales and enjoy a rich cuisine based primarily on rice.