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Sierra Leone: Fullahs Praise NaCSA Boss

26 August 2006 at 21:53 | 374 views

By Alpha Jalloh, Vanguard Freetown Bureau Chief

Fullahs in Kono District have showered praises on Kanja Sesay, the commissioner of the National Commission for Social Action, the government development agency.

The chairman of the Cattle Rearers Association Amadu Jalloh says NaCSA has restored the lost hope of Kono. He however appeals to government to assist in establishing a vaccination centre for their cattle.

Fullas engage mostly in cattle rearing and other forms of business. They have been marginalised by previous governments. Fullahs entered Sierra Leone in during the pre-colonial era spreading Islam through trade contacts, cattle rearing or holy wars known as "Jihads". They form about 10% of the 4.9 million population of the country. Because they are in most Sub Saharan countries including neighbouring Guinea, they are generally perceived as strangers even those whose ancestors had been in the country for centuries.

Mr. Kanja Sesay has promised to channel the rquests of the cattle rearers to the appropriate agencies. Kanja was greatly honoured by the Fullahs in his recent visit to Kono.

NaCSA has implemented several projects in Kono. Among them has been a market and community health post that has been handed over in Lei chiefdom and a Court Barray(traditional administrative house) at Saiama Chiefdom.

The NaCSA boss reminded the people of Kono during his recent visit that NaCSA has also carried out rehabilitation projects and constructed roads.

A councillor, Tamba Amara, said NacSA needs to be thanked for responding to the needs of the people.

The paramount chief of Lei chiefdom Tamba Alpha Fenga-mani thanked NaCSA for what he called their timely intervention. He said the market that has been constructed for them serves both Sierra Leone and neighbouring Guinea.

Kanja and his team were honoured with traditional music and dancing.