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Sierra Leone: Bloomberg Philanthropies partners with FCC

17 December 2018 at 01:37 | 1861 views

Earlier this year, Mayor Aki-Sawyerr (photo) was one of 40 mayors from around the world selected by Bloomberg Philanthropies to participate in the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative. With this Initiative came the opportunity for the Council to receive expert coaching on how to innovate when solving one of the city’s most pressing challenges - informal housing.

On Thursday and Friday, the team at the Council, together with some partners, had a two day boot camp with Bloomberg-assigned coach, Amanda Noonan. She introduced the team to best practices for empathizing and collaborating with the residents of Freetown when designing meaningful and innovative solutions.

Sessions included brainstorming and field visits to Susan’s Bay as the team attempts to accurately define the problem, because a problem properly defined is a problem half solved.

The course will continue over the next 9 months, after which the Council hopes to develop a feasible project that can be implemented.

Source: FCC Communications